Baked Radish Chips

Yes.  I said radish.  After my experience with the zucchini chips, I decided to try it with another veggie.  Radishes sounded absurd enough, that I thought I need to test this out for myself. 

The recipe and directions are the same as the zucchini chips.  You can find all that HERE.

So…..confession here.  I have never bought radishes.  It really never made my list as a food to add for my eating pleasure.  In fact, I really don’t know much about them so I researched the new way….I googled them.


Did you know….

Radishes are rich in ascorbic acid, folic acid, and potassium. They are a good source of vitamin B6, riboflavin, magnesium, copper, and calcium. One cup of sliced red radish bulbs provides approximately 20 calories, largely from carbohydrates.

Slice and arrange on baking sheet


Enjoy! They actually taste good!  I put sea salt on mine, but I am sure you could get more creative.


Do you eat radishes?  Have you ever bought them?

Happy eating!


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In honor of our heroes on Memorial Day

I am reflecting today on our American Country and grateful for the freedom my family and I have here.

Last August my hubby and I were at a business conference in Maryland and got the chance to visit DC.

I wanted to share a few of our pictures in honor of the men and women who gave and are giving their lives to we can have ours.






Baked Zucchini Chips

One of my healthy home goals this year is to eat more veggies. 

Then I found out potato chips do not count.  Booo…..

So to satisfy my need desire for a salty crunch, I tried something new.  Baking veggies in my own oven.  I know right?!  Who knew..apparently I do not have to buy the processed junk at the store.  I can make my own and eat fresh and healthy.   Double Bonus!

Today, I baked zucchini into little delightful chips seasoned with sea salt.  YUM!

Here is the super easy recipe….

Baked Zucchini Chips

1 (or 5) zucchini

olive oil cooking spray

sea salt (or other desired seasoning)

Yep.  That’s it!


1.   Preheat your oven to 225 degrees.

2.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or foil.

3.  Spray lightly with cooking spray

4.  Slice your zucchini into thin slices (about the size of a quarter)

5.  Arrange on baking sheet

6.  Spray lightly with cooking spray

7.  Sprinkle with sea salt.

8.  Bake 45 minutes, then rotate sheet and bake another 40 – 50 min. until desired crispness.


Keep in mind they are going to shrivel and shrink after baking in the oven so you may want to cut up several zucchinis.


These are fabulous!  Totally satisfies my salty crunch crave.  Try them and let me know how you like them.

Happy eating,


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House Cleaning 101: Schedule

Welcome back to my ‘cleaning girl confessions’ part 4: schedule!

In case you missed the other 3…here ya go.




I get asked a lot what my cleaning schedule looks like.  Well…if you remember, I confessed HERE my feelings about cleaning.  So the answer, for me, is whatever is easiest, fastest and works with my family at the time.

To be a little clearer, there are 2 different schedules I have used.  Both have worked for me and my family at different times.

The first cleaning schedule I have used was when my boys were little.  This worked well for me because I was at home a lot.  Especially when my 2nd son was born because he was sick all the time his first year.  I don’t think we went anywhere!  lol

It looked like this:


cleaning schedule1

*Of course there was the CONSTANT pick up of toys and stuff.  Not to mention the dishes.

The next schedule I started using when the boys were school age and old enough to help and I still use it today.

I made a daily list of chores for myself and for the boys.  At this stage in life, I find that I do NOT have large blocks of time to clean.  So I needed to adjust in order to stay on {semi} on top of the house and sane.

It looks like this:

Daily {mom}:  Dishes, Laundry, wipe down shower  & general pick up

The boys load the dishes each night and I unload each morning.  I put in one load of laundry in the morning and usually sometime that evening I finish it.

Daily {boys}:  Dishes, Bathroom, Garbage, Dinner,  Sweep & Vacuum

cleaning schedule2

The boys rotate on these jobs.  They each have 2 for the week and then switch.  This keeps it ‘fair’ and gives them an opportunity to learn them all. 

This works super well for us to at least keep the household running semi-smoothly.  Sometimes ‘daily’ just does not happen.  That’s ok.  We still know what our job is for the next day.

To keep our bedrooms fairly clean, each boy has a laundry hamper in their closet for dirty clothes, a garbage can (very important for teenage boys) and my youngest has toy bins for easy pick up.  Deeper cleaning like dusting and vacuuming get done when we have time and I ask them to do it. 

I really don’t have a schedule for dusting, windows & other jobs.  Honestly, I take care of those randomly when I have time.  Over the years I have had to let go my idealistic view of how my house should look.  It brought on too much guilt!  It just does not work for our family at this life stage.

This concludes the 4 part series of House Cleaning 101.  What part did you like best? 

I would LOVE to hear about your schedule in the comments below! 

Happy Cleaning,






House Cleaning 101: What products do I use?

Hello and welcome back to my ‘home’ here!

Today I am going to share Part 3 in my House Cleaning 101 series.

house cleaning 101

Go HERE to read part 1:  My Routine

Go HERE to read part 2: My Favorite Tools

In my early cleaning business days, I used a TON of products.  Like a lot!  I had a different cleaner for everything.  Here is a picture of what I used to use and bring to a clients’ house.  I had a ton more in my cupboard too.


As you can imagine this can be a bit costly to buy so many different products.

Then, I noticed another problem.  A serious problem! 

I was getting headaches, fatigue and just general ill feelings every time I cleaned a client’s home. 

Needless to say, it took me quite. a. while. to connect the dots and realize I was poisoning myself with these cleaners.  I really did not have much experience with any other way to clean at the time and just thought there were no other options.  So when I finally clued in to linking how I was feeling to the products I was using, I started researching.  I found out that the products in the picture above were filled with toxic chemicals like hydroxide, phenol, ammonia and formaldehyde.  Say what?!   

I looked at home made cleaners and store bought ‘natural’ cleaners.  I think I tried them all?!  Here is what I experienced:  the home made ones did NOT clean as great and as fast and easy as the toxic ones.  (In a business, I needed to look at my time and cost per hour.)  Many included vinegar and honestly, I did not like the smell nor did my clients.  Then I learned that vinegar will erode your pipes!  Can’t have that!  Sooo on to the store bought ones.  I found them to be expensive!  Plus many are not ‘natural’ like they claim.  Not good for me either. 

At this point, I was seriously thinking that I would be forced to close my business.  I did not want to feel sick any longer.  As a cancer survivor, I also realized that environmental toxins are not something I was willing to risk with me or my family.  Then one day, I found Bonnie over at House of Grace.  I am so honored to say that she is now my friend and because of her sharing her stories, I took a chance with the cleaning products from Shaklee that she was offering.  Sounds silly, but this single step changed my life!  They are inexpensive, natural and most importantly, non-toxic.

Here is a picture of the products I switched to and currently use in my own home.


Just 3 products!  They are in concentrated formulas so these last a long time.

Basic H:  I use this on windows, glass, woodwork, countertops, floors, shower, tub.  I also use it to clean my car, get stains out of clothes, a stain remover, removing ink or crayon, wash my dog and my produce!

Scour Off:  I use this on my white sink, soap scum, oven and stove top.

Basic G:  I use this disinfectant on my toilet, countertops, door knobs, shower.  I also use it to take away athletes’ foot and in the laundry with soiled sheets.

So there you have it!

My 3 favorite products that save me time and money and my health.

What do you think?  Have you experienced poisoning from your cleaners?

Happy cleaning,





Caden is 9

“My baby turned 9.  I cannot believe how fast the time has flown.  Seems like yesterday was your first birthday. 

You are no longer my little boy.  This brings tears to mommy’s eyes..I had warned you I would cry on your birthday. 

I am mourning (just a bit) that you are growing up.  No more babies…you are my perfect last.  You were ordained

by God to be the 3rd boy and to complete our family.  Your middle name, Matthew, means gift of God and we chose

it just for you.  I also have tears of joy because I take such delight in watching you grow up.  I am so privileged to

be your mother and be a part of helping you grow into a man of God.  Such an honor!


The first picture you are posing nicely because I asked.

This one shows YOU and your personality!  I love it!


Brothers are the best!


Your favorite thing is to play at the park with Dad.


Happy Birthday to my favorite 9 year old.



Baked Oatmeal with Personal Toppings

I found this recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it today.

You can find the recipe and directions over at

I really like her site!  One of my boys gets tummy aches from too much gluten so I have been looking for more ideas.  Her site is full of great, healthy ideas.

Here are my baked oatmeal cups….






Don’t they look yummy? I am always looking for healthy snack ideas for my growing boys. Plus these could be frozen for quick on-the-go breakfasts.

You can choose the add-ins that your family likes.  I used craisons and blueberries this time. 

They turned out good for my first batch!  The boys liked them so it’s a keeper for us.  I learned a few things for the next time I make them.

1.  Mix in craisons.  I put mine on the top to bake and they did not stick.  It would work better if I had mixed it in like I did the blueberries.

2.  My boys would like them a bit sweeter so I will double the amount of stevia.

3.  The ideas for toppings and mix-ins are endless.  Chocolate chips, coconut, brown sugar, nuts, raisons,etc.

Are you on Pinterest?

(If you’d like an invitation leave me a comment  with your email address & I’ll send you one.)

You can find me on Pinterest here.

Have you ever made a recipe you found on pinterest?

Happy Baking!