Window Shopping Fun!

Happy Monday!  Do you ever go window shopping for fun?  I love to go and check out the new styles and sometime WILD styles. Here are some pictures from my latest window shopping trip to Nordstrom.  Enjoy!




Fall is here in the department stores!


Little known fact: I worked at Nordstrom from the time I was 15 – 24.  I started in the teen dept. putting away clothes (boring!) and moved up to sales in jewelry during college.  I worked mostly seasonally and when I was home from college.  It was a great job for making some quick money for a few weeks. Then I worked a few sales in lingerie when we moved to Oregon until I had my first baby. Working there definitely taught me about great customer service!  I get annoyed when I don’t get it at other stores.



Jewelry. Jewelry. Jewelry.


I LOVE circles!



The fall scarves and hats were out.


Then I moved on to the shoes!  I love these, but I have trouble in heels.  lol


I have Toms in black and I love them!  They are actually comfortable.  But for my next pair I want something more fun.  I am thinking the pink! 


More sparkles…but I think I will stick with the flats.


And of course, I hit the coffee bar. 


Window shopping is more fun while sipping my vanilla latte’.  Do you drink yours with a straw too?


Do you ever window shop too?  What about shoes?  Flats or heels?  Sparkles or none?  Leave a comment below to let us know what you like.

Have a great day!



The 7 Diseases of Attitude

How do you see yourself? Really.  Take a moment and dig inside.  Do you see yourself as capable?  What is your self talk?

I had the privilege of hearing a successful business man, Carlos Blancos, speak and he shared what he called the Diseases of Attitude.  These are caused by neglect in becoming a better you.

1. Indifference

2. Indecision

3. Doubt

4. Worry

5. Over-cautiousness

6. Pessimism

7. Complaining

Do you see any of these ‘diseases’ present in your life?  I know I do! For things to change, WE must change! 

Here are 5 Major Ingredients to turning your life around:

1. Disgust with where you currently are.

2. Desire that comes from within.

3. Decision.  Choose to be outstanding!

4. Action.  Set a GOAL.

5. Resolve.  Make a Commitment from the heart to succeed no matter what.

It is amazing how much of our success (or lack of) comes from our belief in ourselves. 


How do YOU see yourself??

‘Imagination is more powerful than knowledge’ ~ Albert Einstein

Where do you imagine yourself? Successful in achieving your goals? Or do you give up before you fully see the dream?

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Our Weekend in Arizona

We visited family in Mesa, AZ last week.  It is HOT there!  Up to 110 degrees! 

We drove from New Mexico and being from Oregon, the land really is different here.  You can read more about our family travels on our WeeRV blog.

[Warning:  LOTS of pictures in this post!]



The boys keep entertained on their electronics. They are really good travelers.


We swam a LOT at Uncle Pete and Aunt Elissa’s house but only at night because it was so hot during the day. They are all so competitive!  Clark and the boys tried to throw around some ‘Leighton power’ like they usually do…BUT then realized Pete and Haley are Leighton’s too.  LOL


Isn’t Caden cute?!  They all slept so good at night after hours of swimming.


The sunsets are so gorgeous here.


The boys raced with Uncle Pete and cousin Haley on the Wii.


Here is Haley with her dog, Tia.  So cute!  Haley was 8 the last time we saw her.  She has grown so much and is now 10.


The boys and Clark visited Uncle Pete’s RV biz everyday.  They loved it there!




Clark was able to repair our air conditioning in the truck.


I love this picture of Clark and his brother, Pete. Clark is younger by 3 years and taller….Pete tried standing on his toes.  lol  Makes me wonder about my 3 boys and if the younger will be taller than the older?


This giant bear is in the office right when you walk in!  Pete won it for Haley and he seems to have moved in.


The bear is Oregon Beaver colors and Connor refused to get in the picture!  lol  He is a total Oregon Duck fan…as you can see from his shirt.


Uncle Pete’s office.  Where the magic happens…  Aunt Elissa’s office is next door.  They work as a team.


Haley does competitions with her horse.  She is really good and loves it!  Here is a picture of her after she won.  Isn’t that picture amazing?


Here is a picture of the kids all together…after swimming of course!


…..and here they tried to get the dogs in the picture.  lol It didn’t work out too well.


Here is Elissa and Me.


Saying goodbye to Aunt Elissa….we will be back in the winter!


I was able to get a pedicure and go shopping with Elissa and Haley.  Haley needed school clothes and I was shopping for my upcoming Las Vegas trip for the Annual Shaklee Global Conference.

pink pedicure

The girls’ clothing section was full of 80’s fashion!  Such a flashback to high school!

shopping with Haley

But the boys favorite thing about our visit was being able to ride in the razer and drive the golf cart!



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My weekend in Dallas, Texas

I had the opportunity to bring my whole family with me to another business training this month.  So cool to involve the family with my work.  This particular ‘business’ conference however is not your typical one.  Our business team coach, Dani Johnson has a weekend seminar called First Steps to Success that just blows my mind!  So much more that business techniques.  She teaches money management, personality styles and communication techniques that are helping to restore and improve relationships, families and businesses.

Here are a few pictures of our weekend….


Here is our family….I love the shirts they had for the kids!  Here is the verse on the back of the t-shirt.


Here I am with hubby, Clark.


This is just some of our Shaklee Team at the conference.  Amazing group of people!  I feel so blessed to work with such a great marketing team.

FSTS July 2012

Erin was able to share her story on stage!  Incredible story!  She inspires me.

Erin Branscom from Kansas – Prior to plugging into Dani I was working about 60 hours a week in law enforcement night shift, I was getting 4 hours of sleep a day FOR 6 YEARS, my health was a MESS, and our FAMILY LIFE WAS AWFUL, after 13 months of plugging into WE WERE ABLE TO PAY OFF $39,000 of debt, I was able to quit that job and NOW I STAY HOME with those babies. All of our kids have been through Grooming the Next Generation and Gems Homestudy Program. It has been a huge change for our family!

erin-war on debt

We got to hear Jeff Usner from Secret Millionaire speak and share his story. He is an incredibly humble man!

My name is Jeff Usner and prior to getting attending First Steps to Success and really implementing everything I have learned at First Steps to Success and at Creating A Dynasty, This was my life – 4 years ago, I was OVER $285,000 in debt, I was working long, STRESSFUL, ENDLESS HOURS, I had invested everything I had into another company, I was not seeing my wife, I didn’t have time for my kids, I actually LOST MY SON, James, and HAD A STROKE and ALMOST DIED. 4 years ago I came home from work, and FELL TO MY KNEES because I looked at the dinner table and DID NOT KNOW HOW I WAS GOING TO PUT FOOD ONTO THE TABLE. Since implementing everything that I have learned here, MY LIFE HAS JUST RADICALLY CHANGED. WE BECAME DEBT FREE in 8 MONTHS and actually created A MILLION DOLLAR INCOME within 18 MONTHS! Our marriage is richer, my relationship with our God is amazing. It is amazing how God has transformed my life, and OUR KIDS now are HONORING. Our life is totally transformed. I can’t even believe we are on a show called Secret Millionaire. It really blows me away. It WASN’T THAT LONG AGO that I was sitting in total fear and petrified about my future… not knowing a way out.

jeff usner

With stories like that you can see why I use everything Dani Johnson teaches!   You can get plugged in too at  Check out all of her FREE videos and mp3’s. 

We have personally used Dani’s War on Debt system and have paid off over 15K in debt!!  We are debt free except for our mortgage and it is so freeing to not have that debt.  If you are serious about paying off your debt then you NEED this system. 

war on debt

Go HERE to read more about it.

Our family learned so much that weekend! 

What about you?  What is your story? 


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Healthy Living Steps for Moms on the GO

Are you a busy mom on the GO?  Do you desire a more healthy lifestyle for you and your family?  Do you struggle with action and committing?  Or are you confused about where to start?  You are NOT alone!  Most people want to get healthy, feel better, have more energy and look younger yet they feel they are too busy to make it happen.  Then discouragement sets in.  I know because I struggle with this all too! 

Prior to making some important changes in my life and family, I was a burned out mom.  I was feeling sick, depressed, tired all the time and had very little energy.  My role in life was changing from mommy to mom, my husband had a stressful job, we had gotten ourselves into some debt and my passion for life had seemed to just be gone.  It was time for some serious CHANGE, but even the thought of that overwhelmed me. I thought I needed a major overhaul (and I did!) but I thought I had to do it ALL at once.  That thought crippled me until I decided to change that thought.  Who says I have to do it all?  I think it was just me telling myself that.  Is this you too?  It is freeing to get rid of that crippling thought and I must remind myself of this often.

If you are FED UP with this reality, then I invite you to get serious and find some new habits that will serve you and your family better.  Take it ONE STEP at a time. 

Healthy living shouldn’t feel hard… should feel GOOD!


Here are my 8 Simple Steps to get started TODAY!

1.  Drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning.

2.  Grab a few fresh fruits on your way out every day.

3.  Avoid eating out for lunch.

4.  Exercise daily.

5.  Drink herbal teas.

6.  Eat a handful of nuts around 3pm.

7.  Breath Deeply and Pray.

8.  Get enough sleep.

Commit to action and start feeling GOOD!

Which one will you start with?

A commitment is always more successful when you surround yourself with like-minded and encouraging people.  I invite you to plug in here for community support.  Start by subscribing by email to get access to our newsletter.


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