Get My Body Back 180 Challenge

Remember how I lost a pant size recently

I am still going. 

spring cleaning my diet  

Summer is coming and I want to be fit and healthy to keep up with my three boys.

Seriously, they are a bundle of energy!

I know there are so many plans out there, but this is what I do because it works for me. 


The clincher for me is that it keeps the muscle and loses only the fat and that means a lot to this 40 year old mama.  Muscle mass is so important especially as I get older.  I need all I can get!

I love that this plan is all natural, safe and works.  It includes healthy recipes and online support and even has an app for my phone that makes it super easy to keep track of my progress. 


So I am doing 2 protein smoothees, one snack bar and energy tea a day.  I love that I don’t have to thing about getting the right amount of nutrients, proteins and carbs in my diet.  I am a busy homeschooling mama these days and my brain cannot take anymore problem solving.  I need it to be easy so I stick with it because I am ready to Get My Body Back!

My accountability facebook group is awesome too!  We have all lost over 100lbs together.  Isn’t that amazing???

psssst….wanna join us?  email me at claireshealthyhome(at)gmail(dot)com

get your body back

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Are you getting ready for summer too?  What are you doing?



Lessons Learned from Blissdom 2013

Blissdom…where have you been all my life?! 

This was my first year attending Blissdom, a blog networking conference in Grapevine, Texas.  Three days of meeting a few blog crushes, celebrities, social media gurus and a ton of new blog friends.

Blissdom 2013

Just looking at all these pictures makes me want to go all over again!

As I was looking back at my notes trying to digest all that I learned over the weekend, I came up with 5 good lessons I learned from the conference.

1.  Vision = Clarity.

You can only seize what you can see.  ~ Tami Hein

I have plenty of vision, but clarity?  It could use some work.  Tami Hein shared her process of goal setting in 90 and 30 day increments.  I love this and this will be huge for me in getting goals and projects done to keep in line with my vision.


2.  Start before you are Ready.

Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.  ~ Jon Acuff

I have plenty of ideas and I have plenty of to do lists.  But when it comes to execute I can get stuck and held back by perfection.  Time to get over myself and just do it. 

3.  Learn one new trick a month.

I have a major list of all the new things I would like to learn and implement with my business and it is overwhelming!  I mean there are only so many hours in the day for this busy mama.  So I decided to focus on one new trick a month. 

4.  I got on Twitter!

Wahoo!  This has been on my list to learn for so long.  Scott Stratten from is famous for twitter and I learned so much from him at Blissdom.  Then I met Tammy and she gave me a personal lesson!  Thanks Tammy!  I’m @claireshh.  Find me so I can follow you too!

5.  Honesty is where it’s at.

Authentic stories have conflict.  Share with readers that life is not perfect.  ~ Lisa Leonard

I have a personal story that has been in my mind for many months and I have been struggling with sharing it because it is so personal.  It’s hard to put yourself out there.  But by being honest, my story can maybe help someone else and that is what motivates me in sharing it.  [stay tuned for that one]


Whew!  So much to take in and process.  My most favorite part of Blissdom really was the people.  Everyone was just so genuinely kind and helpful.  I especially enjoyed hearing the personal stories and meeting so many different people with different reasons as to why they blog.  It truly is a special community!  Bonus for me was having a few [ahem] ‘meetings’ with my business partners and marketing team [aka mamas who work from home].  Love, Love, Love when I get to see these special women in real life.


Blissdom 2014?  I think so.



Organize your Blog Life


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5 Steps to a Neat[er] House

I love a clean and neat house, BUT I do not like to spend all my time cleaning.  There are just too many other things to do in the day!  Here are 5 steps that I do try to do daily to keep a neat[er] house…

5 steps to a neater house

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1. Do one load of laundry every day.

I keep laundry baskets in each bedroom and one in the laundry room for dirty towels.  I do a load of laundry every morning when I wake up before I get breakfast for the kids.  By the time we are ready for school, the laundry is ready for the dryer.  Laundry is one of those never ending tasks!  But this really helps keep it under control and it keeps me from feeling like I should always be doing laundry.

2. Load dirty dishes right away.

The dishes are my least favorite chore.  Ugh! So to keep it as easy as possible, I have my boys do it.  lol  I run the dishwasher at night so after I put in the laundry, it is ready to unload.  That way we can all load our dirty dishes during the day.  We purpose to eat dinner together every evening and the boys take turns on cleaning up.  The dishwasher is usually pretty full at that point and ready to run.

3. Wipe down daily [toilet, sinks, countertops]

I keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom and in the kitchen so it is easily available to use.  The kitchen gets wiped down usually after each meal time.  Just a quick spray from my favorite organic all purpose cleaner and wipe it down.  In the bathrooms I keep a spray bottle of disinfectant.  That way when I am in there, I can spray and wipe the toilet and sink super quick to cut down on heavy cleaning.  I just use toilet paper to wipe and flush away.  I am still training the kids to do this too and that is a big help.

4. Give each family member a basket.

I got baskets for each of the boys that fit on the stairs going up to their bedrooms and throughout the day I put their things in there as I find them around the house.  I love it!  I try to have them empty it each day and it really cuts down on the clutter.  Also, I gave my hubby and me a basket to collect mail, papers, little things and it works great, too.

5. Have a daily 15 minute family pick up.

Before dinner we usually have a quick pick up time that everyone helps with.  With 5 of us, it is amazing what you can get done!  Each person is responsible for their own clutter plus I give the kids a ‘zone’ or room of the house to be in charge of tidying up too.  We all live here and we all take care of it! … at least that’s what I keep repeating to the kids when they grumble.  lol

And then I have more time for this….


Do you have any tips that work for you? 


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My Favorite Packing Tips

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This is a repost from one of my most popular pins on Pinterest.

I leave tomorrow for my first blogging conference!  BlissDom 2013 in Grapevine, Texas.  Three days to network and take classes on writing, photography and business.  I am so excited to meet up with a few of my favorite blogger  friends and meet new ones.  As I was starting to pack last night, I remembered this post and read it again to remember my tips.  lol


I recently got back from a dreamy girls’ spa trip.  You can read about that HERE.

Four glorious days in sunny Mexico to lay by a pool with a good book. 

To make our travels easier we decided to not check in any luggage and

bring a carry-on bag.

Wait?!  What?!  ONE SMALL BAG??

Yep!  We made it happen and now I get to share with you all.

pink luggage

Here are My Favorite Packing Tips.

1.  Choose clothes that will mix and match. 

I chose neutral bottoms with more colorful and fun tops.  Same for the shoes…

white and black sandals were all I needed to match my outfits.  To decide what to bring,

I lay everything out on my bed to see how they go together.  I always seem to start with

more than I need and then narrow it down from there.

2.  Roll your clothes, instead of folding. 

Then place in suitcase starting with the largest to smallest pieces.  I had heard this

before, but this was the first time I actually did it.  I could not believe what a difference it made! 

It really did take up less space.

3.  Wear your ‘bulky’ clothes on the plane. 

Even though we were going to a sunny place, we wanted our tennis shoes so we could workout

{ok…maybe just go for a pretty walk before breakfast}.  So we wore our jeans, tennis shoes and

sweater/sweatshirt on the plane.  Saves a lot of room!

4.  Bring and use all those ‘sample’ toiletries products you have saved. 

I keep a small stash of these for when I travel.  They meet the airline guidelines for liquid sizes and

take up less space than my big bottle stuff.  

5.  Pack a plastic bag to bring home the dirty clothes in,

but be sure to roll them too.


There you have it!  5 EASY steps to hopefully make packing your bag a little easier.

This trip was to a sunny place and swim suits, shorts & flip flops do not take up a lot of space.

However, this Friday I am going to a business conference and I am attempting the same thing.

One carry-on bag.  Wish me luck!

Do you have any other tips on packing?  Please share!  I am always looking to improve this.