Healthy Mama. Happy Life.

I have taken some healthy steps in my life for my family, home and body and through each swap or change I had a good friend or group to encourage and support me along the way.  We moms need to take care of ourselves! 


I created a private group for all you mamas (and ‘to be’ mamas) called

Healthy Mama. Happy Life.


I know you want to be healthier, eat better and have more energy. {me too!}

I am SO excited for you to begin your journey to better health and feel honored to help you along the way.


I want you to join us today so we can cheer each other on!  Then invite a friend so we can cheer her on too.

Join the facebook group and become the healthiest mama you know.

healthy mama happy life


This is a closed group. That means no one but the members of this page can see your posts 🙂

{{ It is no secret that Shaklee is my chosen brand partner, however, there is NO requirement to use Shaklee products to participate on this page or our challenge. }}

Here’s to Healthy Mamas!



Summer of ‘13 {recap}

Summer has flown by and I cannot believe we are at the start of another school year.  Summer has always been my favorite season of the year because of the good weather and my boys are out of school so we can play! It always seems to be over too soon and I am reminded how quickly time flies.  As my boys get older I can’t help but think how short my time left with them is before they grow up and leave the nest.  I want to purpose to cherish our family time and making memories. 

Here are a few … {ok a LOT} snap shots of our summer of ‘13.


Family Walks.  Ice Cream.  Riding in the Desert. Cooking Dinner. Birthdays.

summer 2013

Road Trip to Oregon. Paining our Rental House. Moving to Arizona.

summer 2013 2

July 4th. Good Friends. Fireworks.

Summer 2013 3

Seattle. Cousins. Grandparents. The Beach. Home Away from Home. Coffee. Sister.

summer 2013 4

The Beach. Hermit Crabs. Cousins. Friends. Sand. Hiking. Trees.

summer 2013 5

Oregon Coast. Cousins. Starfish. Grandma.

summer 2013 6

Scooter. Cousins. Roasting Marshmallows. The River.

summer 2013 7

So thankful for our family and friends and the time we have together.

What was your summer of ‘13 favorite?