Shaklee 180 Detox Review

Earlier this month I did the 180 Detox plan and really liked it!  I felt so much better getting off processed foods and refined sugars. 

I have done the 5 day mini-cleanse twice now and am gearing up for the next group. 

So many of you have emailed and messaged me with tons of questions so I recorded some short videos at the end of each day of the detox.  I hope it helps and answers your questions!

Get in on our next group NOW!

Read this post for more info 🙂

180 Detox Day 1


180 Detox Day 2


180 Detox Day 3

Somehow I forgot to record a video this day.  ooops!


180 Detox Day 4



180 Detox Day 5

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protein energy bites

Protein Energy Bites

protein energy bitesThis is a super easy and healthy snack for you and the kids! 

It has only 3 ingredients

protein energy bite ingredients

protein energy bites recipe

Stir it all together and scoop into little balls. 

Eat and enjoy!

{we like them best refrigerated about 30 mins}

protein energy bites 2

They are filling too. 

I sent 3 with my teenage son to school in his lunch and it was just right for my growing boy. 

My youngest son is gluten intolerant so these are perfect for him too.

You could also mix in chocolate chips, oatmeal, nuts or raisins.

protein energy bites your kids will love

You can use any protein powder but this Chocolate Protein Powder is the only one I trust and give to my kids.

Enjoy and have fun mixing it up!

Our Simple Christmas Traditions

We are in countdown mode here in anticipation of Christmas day.  For our family, we cherish this day as a celebration of the birth of Christ.  However, it is SO easy to lose sight of that simple celebration in the midst of the holiday hype.  I admit it is easy for me to get swept up in the idea of the ‘perfect’ Christmas.  I can get easily stressed out over finding the perfect gift, creating the perfect memories for my boys, cooking the perfect treats and ……

Then I remember, it all comes down to this for our family: celebrate the gift of Jesus and share it with others.  yep.  everything else does not matter.


These are a few of our simple Christmas traditions

  • decorate the Christmas tree
  • drink hot cocoa
  • look at Christmas lights
  • watch some Christmas movies
  • play games
  • have a birthday cake for Jesus
  • help another family

One thing I love about our tree is it tells stories.  With the ornaments we have collected over the past 20 years, it tells the story of our marriage, our first home, the birth of each of our three boys and God’s story of love for us.  From the time of creation through the birth of His son, Jesus.  Every year we decorate the tree we are reminded of these precious stories by each ornament that gets hung.

What about you?  What are your Christmas traditions? 

Do you find yourself getting stressed out during the season too?

This is my go to stress reliever!  All natural. Safe. Works.

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Tomato, Cucumber + Avocado Salad

I have been focusing on clean eating for the past month and have been learning new healthy recipes.  This salad has quickly become one of my favorites!  It is super easy to make, uses raw food and gives just enough protein to fill me up.

tomato cucumber avocado salad

I have had it several days in a row this past week while I have been detoxing because I love it so much.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


  • cut up one cucumber
  • slice one avocado
  • cut in half about 1 cup of cherry tomatoes
  • mix together
  • drizzle with freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • sprinkle with sea salt


Clean Eating {step 5} Swap White for Wheat (and other healthy grains)

We are halfway through our Clean Eating for Beginners series!  If you have been following along and focused on just one healthy swap a week you have implemented 4 clean eating solutions.  Personally, I have added in a ton more fruits and veggies to our families meals and snacks, given up soda, started using organic sugar and local honey and stopped using vegetable oil.  I feel pretty good about it so far! 

[ To find the whole series, start HERE

This week we are talking about healthy grains.

I have been told and read that white bread and flour is one of the worst things you can put into your body.  Uh oh.  Guilty of that in our house.  Honestly, this will be a tough one in our house because my teen boys are so used to white bread.  However, there are a few beginner clean eating solutions we can implement and take our baby steps there. 

In the past, I have purchased and used white bleached flour to use for baking.  Now that I know that is definitely not a clean choice, I searched for solutions.

clean eating for beginners step 5


Here is what I learned :

Organic grains are best!  If you can’t swing organic grains, then look for whole grains with few or no additives.

Unbleached wheat flour is a better choice.  I like King’s Arthur or Trader Joe’s or Bob’s Red Mill.

Sprouted wheat is best for breads.  Ezekia 4:9 is a good brand. Trader Joe’s has some great options as well.  Your next best is to again look for whole grains with few or no additives.

Ditch the crackers.  We really don’t need these, but if you are like us, you like them every once in awhile for dips and easy kid snacking.  Opt for a multigrain or whole wheat cracker. 

These are good from Trader Joes



Clean Grain Choices :

  • Wheat flour
  • Brown rice
  • Pasta (with recognizable ingredients)
  • Couscous
  • Quinoa
  • Barley


Clean Gluten Free Choices :

  • Coconut flour.  I have baked a few things with it and we love it!
  • Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour
  • Udi’s [bread, rolls, etc]



What is your experience with white and wheat flour?  Have you tried any of these clean grain choices?  What will be your first Clean Eating Swap this week?

Join our Healthy Mama. Happy Life private community for even more tips on clean eating.

healthy mama happy life

Clean Eating {step 4} Oils, Salt + Seasonings

I have found that by just making one healthy swap in our food choices a week is really easy for our family.  If I do it for a year, that is 52 clean eating swaps!  That is amazing to me.  Already we have added in more fresh veggies and fruit (step 1) to our snacks and meals.  We are drinking more water and no pop (step 2).  Last week for Thanksgiving, I used maple syrup (step 3) for our sweet potatoes instead of brown sugar and made a pumpkin bread with honey and coconut flour. 

I am learning all of this right along with you, so I am sure I am not covering everything.  But that is why I am focusing on just the basics for beginners.

This week we are focusing on the types of oils we use for cooking and baking.  Also clean salt and seasonings.

clean eating for beginners step 4 oils

Not Clean-approved oils ::

canola oil

corn oil

vegetable oil

soybean oil. 

I am sure there are others but I think these are the most common.

Vegetable oil has been a staple in our house. I thought it was our only choice when baking.  I have learned that is simply not true.  You can replace it with organic applesauce with equal measurements.

Clean Oils ::

Coconut oil 

Let me just start by saying that I have fallen in love with coconut oil!  If you are not using it yet, this is what I would recommend for this week.

Coconut oil has so many health benefits and is much healthier for you to use when baking. 

I use it to make our stove top popcorn, for baking, and sauteing veggies.  So yummy!

Olive Oil 

Virgin is best to use on high heat for stir fry or sauteing. Extra Virgin is great for dressings or marinade.

Grapeseed Oil

This has a high flash point so it is safe for sauteing, baking or frying.

Reading the label.  If it has words like refined or hydrogenated then it is not clean eating approved.

Salt and Seasoning ::

Celtic Sea Salt

This is an unrefined salt that contains the clean minerals your body needs. Refined or table salt is not good for you. 


The Gracious Pantry has a great clean recipe for an all purpose seasoning and taco seasoning.

Again, read your labels and avoid anything with MSG in it. 


So, what do you think you will change this week?  Will it be the coconut oil?

Do you have any to add to the approved or not approved list?  Let me know!


Thanksgiving Blessings and Our Weekend

I have really enjoyed building holiday traditions with my 3 boys.  Some of them we have had since they were little, others are fairly new and change as they are getting older.  This year was our first Thanksgiving in Arizona.  I have to say, this first holiday since the move really sank in the reality that we are not home.  I am really missing my family and while it’s not the same, I still wanted to live in the moment and embrace our first holiday here. 

We are super blessed to have my brother and sister-in-law here so we were not alone.  And thanks to today’s technology we were able to skype and face time with family back home.


It was a little strange to have sunny and 70 degree weather for Thanksgiving, but…..that’s Arizona!

After an awesome meal of turkey and all the trimmings, we headed out to the movies to see Catching Fire (awesome movie!).  That has become a tradition as our boys have gotten older and they really enjoy it.

Then we headed home to pack the RV and 4 wheelers to head out to the Dunes (CA) in the morning.


The Sand Dunes 2013

I cannot even describe how many people were there?!  But it was so much fun and the weather was great.  We went riding, roasted marshmallows, made a TON of stove top popcorn, dug holes in the sand, watches a few movies and laughed!

Traveling on the way home, we blew not one but TWO tires…within a few hours of each other.  The first one we put the spare on.  When the second blew, it actually caught fire and then, thankfully, went out. 

Check it out!


Thank goodness Clark is a good driver and knew how to handle it.  It was pretty scary.  After that, we had to all pile in my brother in laws RV to drive the last hour home.

Kind of a crazy end to a fabulous weekend!

How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you go anywhere?  Were you missing home and family like me?  What traditions do you have?