Clean Eating {step 7} Whole Food Supplements


Our immune system is dependent on an adequate daily intake of a variety of essential nutrients – AND – most of us do not get all of those nutrients from diet alone.

After several weeks in our beginners series, we have been implementing some healthy swaps by now in our grocery trips and meal planning as well as adding in more water and veggies.  Like I have said before, just make ONE change at a time if it feels overwhelming to you.

This week we are talking about adding in whole food supplements. 

clean eating whole food supplements


I recommend starting with a multivitamin.   


Nothing replaces a healthy clean eating diet.  We absolutely get the nutrients we need from real, whole foods.


With that said, my family and I have been making changes right along with you!  However, I know that even with all of our clean choices, we are not eating perfectly.  I want to make sure that our family is getting the the right amount of nutrients that whole food gives us but I know I don’t hit it all.


I would guess that is true for most of us.


How do you know if your supplement choice is ‘clean’?

Not all supplements are created equal.  The reason some believe supplements don’t work, is because, honestly,  some don’t.  Many choices on the market are synthetic (man-made) or they start out natural and then are heat processed.  While these choices certainly won’t hurt you, they definitely won’t help either.  Why spend your money on nutrients that never get delivered to your body? 

Read the label.  Artificial flavors and colors are not nutritious and should not be in a vitamin. 

Test the purity.  A super simple test that you can do at home right now is to put your vitamin in a small bowl of lukewarm water.  If it dissolves completely within 30 min then you can be assured it is dissolving in your body.  Another thing to look for is ‘stuff’ floating to the top of the water.  Those could be what’s called, fillers. Yuck!  I don’t want that stuff in my body. 

Look at the this visual to understand the difference.


For our family, we trust the Shaklee brand.  I know that they use raw ingredients, no artificial ingredients and no preservatives.  Both my husband and I as well as my 2 teen boys take the Vita Lea multivitamin.  Plus adding this to our diet helps keep our immune system healthy and therefore, we are sick less.  My boys have each only been sick with a minor cold once this whole school year.  They are surrounded by kids missing school due to illness and that is just not happening with us. 

vita lea

I also really like this video called Why Supplement.

Do you supplement?  Have you tested your vitamin before?  Do you feel better with it?

all in one vita strip 2

*** be sure to email me at claireshealthyhome(at)gmail(dot)com to get my latest Shaklee special



Life Lately…..

Winter in Arizona is the time the people come out to play because the weather is so great.  It feels like spring and the temps are in the high 60’s and low 70’s. Before you get ready to hate me, I’ll just remind you that our summers are so darn hot that we spend most of that time indoors while all the other states come out to play ;) 

Anyway….we have thoroughly been enjoying the weather right now and are taking advantage of every moment!

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to lately.

We continue to attend Saturday night church services and we like this set up because my husband works 6 days a week.  So we are able to have Sundays as a family day of rest.  Check out the palm trees and the Christmas lights and the blue sky… at.the.same.time.  One of the many things we are loving about Arizona right now.


My three boys (love them so much!) 2 weeks before Christmas.



Caden showing off his Green Machine that he got for Christmas.  He has been happily zipping around the neighborhood.  We are in a closed neighborhood loop and he has been loving playing outside everyday with the neighbor kids.  This was something we did not have previously. In the summer it was hard to meet neighbors because people stayed inside due to the HOT weather. 


Rainbow loom bracelets.  It’s cool for boys too!


The hiking is awesome around here!  We are taking advantage of the season to get out and explore and have done several in the last month.



We celebrated 20 years of marriage with a short trip to San Diego.IMG_4138[1]

We took a 4 hour whale watching tour boat and the day was just beautiful!  I grew up on the Puget Sound near Seattle, WA so it felt like coming home being on the ocean again.  We saw several whales and they showed off nicely for us by breaching over and over.  Of course I was so into watching it that I forgot to take any pics…


Our dear friends were celebrating a birthday and we were able to coordinate our trips to see each other while in San Diego.  We have been so blessed by their friendship and even though we live in different states, they are lifelong friends for sure. 


We have had several neighborhood birthday parties and this have been great for getting to know more people, not to mention fun.  This party had a mad scientist theme complete with experiments!


Our trombone player had his first concert and they also played for the school flag ceremony.  I was actually amazed at how good they sounded for their first year in band.



It has been a busy and fun month! 

What about you?  What does life look like lately for you?

smoothie recipe round up

Smoothee Recipe Roundup

I drink a smoothee every morning and sometimes for lunch because they are quick, easy and I know they have the right amount of nutrients to start the day right.  Plus they have 24 grams of protein which is  important to have with each meal and it keeps me full. and often we make them for afternoon snacks.  My boys love them,too.  I often make them as an afternoon snack and it’s a sneaky easy way for me to get extra nutrients in their growing bodies.  I have several recipes on the blog, but today I decided to compile my favorites into one post for easy finding.

Healthy Iced Vanilla Coffee

iced vanilla coffee smoothee

Get the recipe HERE


Berry Delicious

berry delicious protein smoothie

Get the recipe HERE


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie

get the recipe HERE


Pumpkin Vanilla Spice

pumpkin spice smoothie (2)

get the recipe HERE


Mocha Frappe Smoothee

mocha protein frappe

get the recipe HERE


smoothie recipe round up

I have a list of several more recipes but these are my favorites so far.

What about you?  Do you drink smoothies?  Do you make them for your kids? 

clean eating step 6 protein

Clean Eating for Beginners {Step 6} Protein

We are talking protein today with Step 6 of the Clean Eating for Beginners series.

{to catch up on the series…go HERE}

clean eating step 6 protein

Protein is essential to our bodies and should be eaten with each meal!  It helps with the growth, repair and maintenance of all body tissues.  It provides your body with a source of energy and helps fight off disease.


These powers are made possible by consuming adequate amounts of dietary protein which supply the body with amino acids, the basic building blocks from which the body can make its own body proteins. 

But, as I have seen as I learn more about clean eating,  not all foods are created equal and the same goes for protein. 

Here are my top favorite protein sources {plant and animal} and what I look for in each one to get it as clean as possible.

1.  Organic Chicken

I personally get my chicken at Costco in bulk.  They have a great selection of organic meat.  Others rave about Zaycon.  I have not tried them…yet.  They are on my list.

2.  Eggs 

Farm fresh are the absolute best.  If you have a way to get your eggs from a farmer, do it! 

3.  Nuts & Legumes

4.  Non-GMO Soy (plant protein)

There are a lot of benefits to a quality non genetically modified soy protein.  I actually drink a non GMO soy protein smoothee daily but that is because I found the purest organic soy on the market (which is extremely rare to find).  Most soybeans are genetically modified and chemically washed. These are not.  Plus they taste yummy and make great healthy snacks for my kids.  I am always looking for more ways to ‘sneak’ in more nutrients in their diet.

{ read more about research on non-GMO soy protein HERE }

If you are a clean eating beginner, I suggest picking at least one protein source and swap it for a cleaner version. 

Which one will you start with? What are your favorite sources of protein?  Do you have it with every meal?