March Shaklee Special

I love when Shaklee puts out an awesome special and they have really topped them all with this one! 




When you order 50 pv worth of Shaklee products, you get membership for free plus a free energizing smoothee canister.  (new members only)

You can build your own 50 pv by browsing my shop


OR purchase one of my favorite kits below that qualify for the special…

Get Clean kit.  {Purchase here}

Vitalizer  {purchase here}

Lean & Healthy Kit  {purchase here}

{After you add your product to your cart, add the membership.  It will be taken off at checkout.}

We have over 100 people, so far, take advantage of this special and join our member team, Project Health.


Thank you SO much to all of you who have supported my small business!

When I share Shaklee and my personal LOVE for the products, I get asked these 2 questions the most…..

1.  What is Shaklee?

Shaklee is a 55+ year old company with a 90 year history founded by Dr. Shaklee.  He was a chiropractor who developed the first vitamin and several of our products are even made in the original formula today! They offer 4 product lines for natural nutrition: natural, non-toxic cleaning, weight management/protein smoothies, food grade supplementation and paraben-free skin care.

THIS explains is all waaaay better that I could…. and it’s more entertaining too. lol

2.  What does Shaklee membership mean?

First of all, it means you join my personal member group which means you are totally cool!  lol

Seriously, tho….

Membership is a ONE time (i.e. Lifetime) fee of $19.95 and gives you 15% off ALL products.  You can also get an additional 10% off selected products.  The member is NOT obligated to order monthly or have a minimum amount to order. 

Membership also gets you access to secret sales that go on during the year on top of member discounts.

Super simple and easy to switch brands and give Shaklee a try.  I know you will be blown away, like I was, and love it just as much!

Hurry *** this offer expires March 31, 2014


Spring Cleaning is in the Air

Thursday marks the official first day of spring!  Some of you have been buried in snow for months and are just itching for some bursts of green and flowers.


This time of year has me dreaming of summer when the kids are out of school, we are off schedule, playing outside, visiting parks and just soaking up sunshine. 

To fully enjoy that season with my boys, I have always liked a thorough spring cleaning of my house.  I usually de-clutter and deep clean so I don’t have to worry about any big cleaning until fall.  Life is too short and I would rather play!

Last spring, I had a blog series called, Spring Clean My House.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I am going to share it again this year.  I have it sectioned off weekly with different zones to focus on.  You can go at your own pace.  If you are feeling like superwoman, feel free to plow through it all in a week.  Or take it slower like me.  Either way, use this a guide to your cleaning and before you know it, you will be ready for summer play.



spring clean my house


1. Getting Ready

2. Kitchen

3. Bathroom

4. Bedrooms

5. Living/Family Room

If you want to use the same cleaners as me, now is a great time to catch my March special! View all the kit details here


I also love Basic G for disinfecting the bathrooms and Scour Off for tough jobs like soap scum or the oven.

Happy Cleaning and Happy Spring!