5 Steps to an AWESOME Garage Sale

I wrote about our family’s BIG life change HERE.  We are in the process of MAJORLY downsizing!

We just had our second garage sale this past weekend and have donated a lot to Goodwill.  Making decisions on what to take with us and what to store is exhausting, but we decided to only get a 5 x 10 storage unit, so paring down is a must.

This year we have sold over 12K of ‘stuff’!!  I know right?!  We still have one more vehicle to sell too.

5 steps to an awesome garage sale

Step 1:  Take everything out of the garage.

{Set your pride away and look like the ‘junky’ house for a day…..}

We made 3 piles on our driveway.  One to take with us, one to store & one to sell.  We had plenty to have the sale by ourselves this time, but usually we go in with other families to make it a BIG sale. 


Step 2:  Price and put on tables to store in your garage.

I have found this to be the easiest way to set up quickly the morning of the sale.

I also got free boxes from my grocery store.


I like to price low.  I mark a lot $1 or $2.   I take what’s leftover to Goodwill so I price to sell.  The less stuff I end up with, the better!


Step 3:  Advertise

I put an ad on Craigslist listing our big things for sale to drive traffic and a notice on Facebook for all my local friends.  We bought sheets of posterboard in yellow at the Dollar Store and cut into fourths.  Then wrote Sale with an arrow.  Use all the same color and the same message.  The more simple the better.  When people are driving they just need an arrow to follow and the color lets them know they are following the same sale.  I don’t like to put the day and time on the signs because then I am not locked in to that.  I can open and close when I want.


Step 4:  Money Table

I got $75 in cash from the bank; $45 in fives and $30 in ones.  This gave me plenty for change.  I have a card table set up at the top of my driveway to take the money.  This way they have to go through it all to get to me.  Just a way to bring your ‘customer’ in all the way to your sale. {do not leave the money unattended!  I always had one of my kids with it if I had to leave}

Step 5:  Have a FREE spot.

I had two free spots.  One at the end of the driveway and one at the top by the money table.  People LOVE this!!  When I see someone looking at one, I tell them there is another by me so they have to come through everything for sale to get to it.  This way they tend to buy something too.  The second day of the sale, I put out a lot more because it made my Goodwill pile less.  Believe me.  It will go FAST!

Those are my tips to a successful sale!  Do you do the same?  Or do you have tips to add?  Leave a comment to let us know.

Have a great day,


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