Ame Organic Body Care : review and give away

I am always on the lookout for organic and natural items so when I met my new friend, Sunayna, I was thrilled to find out she is another natural mama business owner.  She is a mama to 3 year old twin girls and is the founder and director of Ame Organic Body Care and she creates her products in her kitchen.  Love it!  How cool is that?


We hit it right off and we each agreed to try and review each others natural products.  She decided to go organic and natural with her home cleaning products and now proudly uses the Shaklee Get Clean line


Ame Organic Body Care offers body scrubs and bath salts.  When I shared with her that I was getting over a sinus cold and was using natural herbal remedies, she recommended I get the Detoxifying Organic Bath Crystals



Here is the official product description from the website:


The skin is the largest detoxification organ through which toxins can be drawn out. A detox bath assists body in eliminating toxins as well as absorbing the minerals and nutrients that are in the water, it stimulates lymph system and encourages increased oxygen and blood flow to body. Detox baths eliminate toxins and pollutants from body leaving you pure inside out. âme’s proprietary blend of salts, organic chamomile, organic honey, blend of healing oils and essential oils will leave your mind, body and soul renewed.


What I love about it! ::


*no preservatives or chemicals


*just breathing it clears my sinuses….smells good!


*paraben free


*it felt soothing to soak in




Now here’s the good news!…….


Ame Organic Body Care is offering a free product of your choice for one lucky winner.


There are SO many to choose from. Yummy smells like… candy cane, coffee, lavender, chocolate and more!


They also have a great special right now. 


10% off + FREE shipping on orders over $25.  Now through November 20. 


Go check it out.


And now…. for the give away!

Congratulations Leah!!!

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15 thoughts on “Ame Organic Body Care : review and give away

  1. I love Ame’s products. I have used the coffee and chocolate scrubs. They were heavenly!! I would love to try the detoxifying bath crystals. That would be even more heavenly!!

  2. I would love to try any of them. I am allergic to any and all store-bought bath salts so I’m always on the look-out for something I can actually use. This detoxing one looks amazing!

  3. I would love to try any of the products. I am currently trying to go all natural in my home of 3 kids. From all natural cleaners to beauty products, to organic food. The food is the hardest one. With lots of battles with the kids! I don’t have facebook or I would like you there! 🙂

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