Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

This has become one of my favorite healthy snacks that tastes like dessert.  Sooooo good and super easy to make!

I recently shared a bit about my Lyme Disease journey. One change I’ve made that has really helped is cutting out sugar. I am pretty strict but not perfect with it and it really has made a difference.  So I have been learning and trying several new recipes.

That’s how chia seed pudding came to be my new favorite for satisfying my sweet tooth … but without all the sugar.

It’s so simple to make!

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1/2 cup almond milk  (I like unsweetened vanilla)

1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tablespoon pure maple syrup (or 1 stevia packet)

Fresh berries

Mix all ingredients (except for berries) in a glass or mason jar. Place in fridge for 30 minutes. Stir well and put back in fridge another 30-60 min. I get impatient and sometimes don’t wait that long lol. It depends how thick you like your pudding.

Serving size is one but you can double, triple, etc the recipe to make more at once.

Top with the berries and enjoy!

💕 Claire

Living with Lyme Disease

lyme fighting back

After a year of experiencing declining health issues to the point of becoming bed ridden/house bound most days for several months, I finally got a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. I don’t ever remember being bit by a tick, many don’t, but it is believed I have had it for a long time.

For years I have struggled off and on with fatigue and other issues. It comes and goes and I have had many months of feeling fine. However, the past 12 months, many symptoms flared up for some reason and it stumped my doctors in finding the root cause. Severe brain fog (had trouble reading and was forgetting words), severe fatigue, anemic, vitamins and minerals depleted in 4 months time, hormone issues, adrenal fatigue, nervous system issues, neuropathy issues, muscle ache and pain, inflammation and honestly lots more. It was crazy!

Then I had several friends suggest I get tested for Lyme. I never ever would have guessed that and I am truly grateful God brought them into my life! I firmly believe I would still be searching for answers. I had several tests done and it was confirmed as late stage Lyme Disease.

lyme facts

I started several natural treatments about 3 months ago and am seeing huge improvement! I went on a paleo diet, cut out ALL sugar, went on an intense immune building supplement program, started 4 different homepathic meds and found a Lyme literate Chiropractor..  I was operating at about 0% to now about 70% so I take that as a WIN!  Huge improvement but still working to get to 100%.

I am sharing the struggle here for several reasons….

One in hopes of bringing awareness. Lyme Disease is becoming an epidemic with over 300,000 cases in the US. Lyme has been called the great imitator because it can mimic so many diseases including MS, fibromyalgia and so many more. For another, to share the gratitude to the people God put in my life to figure this out. One of my physicians and friend, Becky Cash, my business partner and friend, Bonnie Donahe and Trina who helped get me connected with a local lyme literate doctor . My husband, Clark who held it together for both of us. (and still does) He has sacrificed so much and I love him for his support and understanding.  For my parents, family and friends <3
And finally, because while I like to think I have it all together, I don’t. It’s good to remember we are human, we need each other and life is not perfect (especially on the internet lol).


lyme you-dont-look-sick-awesome

This will still be a long recovery and I am so looking forward to healing <3



my simple morning routine

My Simple Morning Routine

I just started a new morning routine this year and so far I love it!

my simple morning routine

First let me say that I have always said I am not a morning person.  However, when I do get up and get going early, I feel amazing!  So I decided to change my thinking and start telling myself that I love mornings and just make it happen.

Mornings are challenging for me without a plan and a purpose.  So next I decided to write it out.

Before I share my plan that’s working for me, I want to also say that I may be in a different season of life than you and please, please do not compare! Your amazing morning routine may look different than mine and that’s ok.

For example, a sleep-deprived new mom’s morning routine will be completely different than a mom whose kids are all in school and she works from home. (my current season of life)

I also wrote out a very detailed plan with tasks that may seem ridiculously easy and simple because my brain needs it.

A great morning routine begins with a great night routine!

Setting myself up for success the night before has greatly increased how I feel about getting up the next morning.

Here is what I do the night before:

  • Clean the kitchen after dinner (waking up to a clean kitchen is awesome!)
  • Load dishwasher and turn on (my boys help with this)
  • Set out exercise clothes
  • Fill water bottle and put in the bathroom
  • Wash face and brush teeth
  • Turn off electronic devices by 10pm (working towards earlier.  baby steps)

Here is my morning routine:

  • Wake up at 6:30 am
  • Put on exercise clothes
  • Brush teeth.  (seriously.  it wakes you up!)
  • Drink 8 oz of water (I keep it in my bathroom for the morning)
  • Drink hot green matcha tea with lemon (I LOVE this one!)
  • Read daily bible devotion (this with the hot tea really sets my thinking for the day!)

— I break here to get one of my boys off to school and wake up the next one. —

  • Unload dishwasher
  • Start load of laundry (I aim for 1 a day)
  • Breakfast smoothie and vitamins with my boy before driving him to school at 8:15 am (THESE are my favorite!)
  • Gym (I listen to podcasts during this time) (check out the 7 minute workout app or youtube if you need something quick or at home)
  • Shower (I watch business webinars while getting ready)
  • Ready to work! (I have another action plan for this too!)
my daily nutrition
my daily nutrition

daily exercise
I gave myself permission to be ok without perfection.   If I mess up a day, I won’t let it mess up my whole week. And I may tweak it when/if I need.

So far I notice the most important tasks that really make me feel like I am setting myself up for an amazing day are the devotion (to fill and feed my soul), proper nutrition (because we moms often put that last) and exercise (it wakes up my brain and I feel supercharged!)

I love having a plan!  I totally feel like a better mom with these simple tasks.

I encourage you to make a plan too.  Think about what would work for you.  Your morning doesn’t have to start at 6:30 like mine.  Maybe it’s during naptime.  Either way try it and tweak it until it motivates you.  Feeds you.  Energizes you.  You deserve it!

Claire 🙂

Family Updates

I wanted to catch up with you all with a bit of family happenings.  I have been super busy with the holiday season when we welcomed 6 family visitors to sunny AZ, birthday happenings of 2 of my boys and my Shaklee business that has really taken off….. so busy that I haven’t posted here on the blog in awhile!  Time to catch up.

I hope you enjoy a few pictures I want to share with you all.

Connor turned 18!  His one wish was to go sky diving…..



Hiking Camel Back Mountain with cousins


The girls got mani pedi’s on Christmas Eve…


And the boys went 4 wheeling…


We went to church altogether and out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. 


Our weather here has been fabulous and I love to walk outside


My Shaklee team taught a Work at Home seminar


And… we celebrated all of our company promotions!


My ‘baby’ had open house for Jr. High! 


Carter has a small skate boarding accident resulting in a dislocated shoulder.  Thankfully he is fine now and definitely sees that value in wearing a helmet.  This mama is relieved.


Connor and I have enjoyed a few hikes and walks together.  I just love spending time with him!


Carter celebrated his 16th birthday with a few buddies out riding in the desert.


And… Caden and I have enjoyed the pool!  Love the AZ winters!


That’s a wrap for the last few months! 

What about you?  What’s new with you and your family lately?

Happy, Healthy Home to you,


aqua aerobics

Splash into Fitness with Aqua Aerobics {guest post}

Summer is in full swing her in Arizona!  It’s hard to believe my boys have been out of school for 3 weeks already.  We have been spending a lot of time at the pool playing.  I hope you are enjoying your summer too!

Recently I connected with another blogger, Kaitlin from  Her website is full of great healthy living tips.  We agreed to partner up in our love of sharing and encouraging other moms and she was so sweet to write about her experience with Aqua Aerobics.   Thanks so much Kaitlin!  Be sure to hop over to her website and check it out.

aqua aerobics

“My husband will tell you that in a lot of ways, I’m not terribly adventurous. We always have roast beef on Wednesdays – I’m just that sort of person. So he raised an eyebrow when I said I was going to try an aqua aerobics class. I’ve been a runner for years, and pretty methodical about it. But I’ve discovered water workouts are so much fun, I’ve recommended them to all my friends.

There are so many choices. One of the first things I had to figure out – which aqua exercise to try first. There was just a wonderful range of options for a water workout, that I had to just pick one. I could try aqua tai chi, water yoga, kick boxing or the sexy Zumba. There were classes for strength workouts, and if I wanted to get in some cardio, a trainer suggested just treading water for a while. The first time I tried pool boxing, I figured out just how strenuous water work could really be. After punching in the water for a short time, I was really breathing hard, but felt a real sense of satisfaction that I could do it. With the classes, you get the added bonus of a social connection – people are having a lot of fun, are very friendly, and that will keep you coming back because it’s so enjoyable.

Wonderful benefits. Because I had run for years, when I heard about the low impact benefit of water exercise, I was very intrigued. The buoyancy of the water supports around 80% of my body weight, so there’s a tremendous lightness you experience during a water workout. My legs can feel the difference when I do something like lunges in the water – there’s not that clunky impact you get on land. Now the workout doesn’t lead to injuries – it helps prevent them. The muscles, joints and bones are stressed less doing exercises in the water.

A great cardio option. I never imagined that working out in the water could be such great cardio exercise. When I started aqua walking, I could feel one of the powerful elements of working out in the water – resistance. I had to work more to push through the dense water than I did on land, and let me tell you – it’s noticeable. I escalated to aqua jogging, which is at a faster pace than walking, and I was surprised at how quickly my breathing picked up. Instead of the heat and pounding of the running trail, I was soothed and cooled by the water, which made the whole experience wonderful.

A new use for the pool. If I don’t want to go to the gym, I now have a way to use my pool that doesn’t mean swimming (I just never have been that into swimming for exercise). One thing I have done a lot is core work. I will put a towel on the side of the pool, then lean my arms on it, facing the water. I take my legs and pull them up to my chest, then let them relax again, and do that about 15 to 20 times for one set. Then I try for 2 to 3 sets depending on how I’m feeling that day. If I’m having a stressful day, it’s a wonderful break to go out and enjoy the cool of the water for a few minutes, and get some awesome ab work at the same time.

I think my husband believed I would try water workouts one time and then go back to my running routine. He’s been surprised that I have stayed with the aqua aerobics, and now he wonders what’s next – will roast beef will be on Thursday?”

Kaitlin Gardner started to further her passion for a family friendly, green living lifestyle. She is married to her best friend and lives in Pennsylvania. In her spare time, she loves to go hiking, biking and enjoy nature. She just started her first book about living an eco-friendly, healthy, natural lifestyle.


My Top 10 Green Cleaning Posts


go green get clean with claire

Mamas, it’s up to us to buy and use the safest products in our home.


WE ARE IN CHARGE of what we put in our homes. 


We set the example for healthy and clean living.




No one else cares for our families as much as we do so… together, let’s go green for our kids.

We can clean the house, save money, respect our planet, be a good example, and be a better mom at the same time.


earth day Shaklee Get Clean 2014


The easiest way to go green and safe in your home is by switching brands!


You can replace your current household cleaners for natural, non-toxic ones that work.


I have been using Shaklee’s Get Clean Line for 3 years now.


It’s no secret how much I love them. 


So much that I am a distributor for Shaklee so I can help other moms and get my products at a great discount.


They are totally cost effective, natural and they actually WORK.


I want to be honest with you, I am not “selling” these products just to “sell” something.


I believe in doing what’s right….AND using natural products around our kids, pets, and house is RIGHT.


It is up to us to give our kids the best we can. 


We do everything for our kids, so why not clean WITHOUT harsh chemicals.


Not only is the Get Clean Line natural & safe for us, our families, and the planet, the actually work and by that, I mean…they ROCK….and they save you money.


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I am so passionate about this and I want you to join my mission in creating healthier lives.

JOIN ME and SHARE THIS with other moms.


Check out my top 10 clean posts ::


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get clean starter kit


Help me build safer homes for us and for our children.


go green get clean with claire

March Shaklee Special

I love when Shaklee puts out an awesome special and they have really topped them all with this one! 




When you order 50 pv worth of Shaklee products, you get membership for free plus a free energizing smoothee canister.  (new members only)

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Thank you SO much to all of you who have supported my small business!

When I share Shaklee and my personal LOVE for the products, I get asked these 2 questions the most…..

1.  What is Shaklee?

Shaklee is a 55+ year old company with a 90 year history founded by Dr. Shaklee.  He was a chiropractor who developed the first vitamin and several of our products are even made in the original formula today! They offer 4 product lines for natural nutrition: natural, non-toxic cleaning, weight management/protein smoothies, food grade supplementation and paraben-free skin care.

THIS explains is all waaaay better that I could…. and it’s more entertaining too. lol

2.  What does Shaklee membership mean?

First of all, it means you join my personal member group which means you are totally cool!  lol

Seriously, tho….

Membership is a ONE time (i.e. Lifetime) fee of $19.95 and gives you 15% off ALL products.  You can also get an additional 10% off selected products.  The member is NOT obligated to order monthly or have a minimum amount to order. 

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Super simple and easy to switch brands and give Shaklee a try.  I know you will be blown away, like I was, and love it just as much!

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Spring Cleaning is in the Air

Thursday marks the official first day of spring!  Some of you have been buried in snow for months and are just itching for some bursts of green and flowers.


This time of year has me dreaming of summer when the kids are out of school, we are off schedule, playing outside, visiting parks and just soaking up sunshine. 

To fully enjoy that season with my boys, I have always liked a thorough spring cleaning of my house.  I usually de-clutter and deep clean so I don’t have to worry about any big cleaning until fall.  Life is too short and I would rather play!

Last spring, I had a blog series called, Spring Clean My House.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I am going to share it again this year.  I have it sectioned off weekly with different zones to focus on.  You can go at your own pace.  If you are feeling like superwoman, feel free to plow through it all in a week.  Or take it slower like me.  Either way, use this a guide to your cleaning and before you know it, you will be ready for summer play.



spring clean my house


1. Getting Ready

2. Kitchen

3. Bathroom

4. Bedrooms

5. Living/Family Room

If you want to use the same cleaners as me, now is a great time to catch my March special! View all the kit details here


I also love Basic G for disinfecting the bathrooms and Scour Off for tough jobs like soap scum or the oven.

Happy Cleaning and Happy Spring!


Shaklee Fundraiser

shaklee fundraiser


Join me in helping Colton’s ARMY find a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancers!

I was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer, Hodgkin’s Disease 10 years ago and am SO grateful for the treatment that saved my life and allowed me to continue being mom to my 3 boys.

My friends’ son, Colton has battled Leukemia 4 times. He is a HERO. He just received a life-saving T-cell therapy treatment and we are praying for a CURE. His body is still in good fighting mode because of this and continued prayers are SO appreciated.

Here is Colton with his mom, also known as Suzy.


Here is Colton with his younger bro, Case. 



Until there is a cure, fundraising must NOT stop. This cause is near and dear to me. Please help out Colton’s Army today and help them raise funds for the Seattle Big Climb and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Purchase ANY shaklee product and 20% will be donated!



email me at claireshealthyhome(at) with any questions

Thanks so much!