Bulletin Board Restyle

So I have this bulletin board.  Yep. It is reaaaallly lacking in personality.  I wasn’t even sure what it’s purpose was.  In this picture it’s current function was to hold my magnets and thumbtacks.  It hangs by my refrigerator in our 5th wheel and one day I decided to give it a simple, inexpensive makeover.


I LOVE the color green so I purchased one piece of scrapbook paper at the store for 50c.  I already had the thumb tacks and I used 2 sheets of copy paper.  Since it is right next to the refrigerator, it was the perfect spot for the menu.  I already had the laminated day of the week menu plan so I put it here.  I am in LOVE with labeling too!  lol  So seeing the word MENU in big white letters makes me smile.

bulletin board restyle 

Here is a close up of the Menu side.


And the other side. I keep pens and paper here so it’s easy to find. The round tin is magnetic and holds our quarters.  Gotta have those for laundry when you live on the road!


I love the look of it!  It feels organized and nice to look at.


What do you think?  Have you restyled a bulletin board? Do big letters make you smile too?



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