Clean Bathtub Soap Scum Bathtub {Naturally}

My boys are actually really great about helping clean when I ask them.  I have a [short] rotating chore list between the three of them and I don’t know if I got lucky with their pleasant attitude or they realize that I actually don’t ask much of them.  Either way, I really do appreciate their help!  Between the three boys they share 2 bathrooms.  The oldest gets his own and is pretty happy about that.  I have a pretty easy cleanup routine that they do to keep their bathrooms fairly clean and disinfected {remember…3 boys!}.

However, when it comes to any deep cleaning … let’s just say they are not quite as good at that ;) 

This is a picture of my oldest teen boy’s bathtub.  I do not even want to know how dirty his feet get to get the tub that black?!  The dirt mixed with the soap scum needed to go. 


I use a natural heavy duty paste because it is non-toxic. NO harsh chemicals for this girl and her house.  Just put some on a really wet sponge and scrub away.


It came off SUPER easy!  It looks nice and white now.  So much better right?


Look again at the before and after.  A white tub makes me happy!

clean bathtub soap scum naturally

Now that the gunk is gone, he can go back to his regular cleaning routine.  I keep a spray bottle of a safe disinfectant in his bathroom that he can spray the tub, toilet, sink and counters with and wipe down easy.  It’s got to be easy at our house!  We like a clean house but we really don’t like to spend tons of time cleaning.

Do your kids have chores?  Do they have a good attitude?  Are your kids feet as dirty as mine?  lol


One thought on “Clean Bathtub Soap Scum Bathtub {Naturally}

  1. I need you to come over and clean my shower;) Yes our’s looks as bad if not worse. Cleaning the shower is the worst job! Probably why it doesn’t get done very often:/ I really need to make a chore list for my kids, they take a bit too much for granted nowadays. Thanks for the tips!

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