Clean Eating for Beginners {Step 6} Protein

We are talking protein today with Step 6 of the Clean Eating for Beginners series.

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clean eating step 6 protein

Protein is essential to our bodies and should be eaten with each meal!  It helps with the growth, repair and maintenance of all body tissues.  It provides your body with a source of energy and helps fight off disease.


These powers are made possible by consuming adequate amounts of dietary protein which supply the body with amino acids, the basic building blocks from which the body can make its own body proteins. 

But, as I have seen as I learn more about clean eating,  not all foods are created equal and the same goes for protein. 

Here are my top favorite protein sources {plant and animal} and what I look for in each one to get it as clean as possible.

1.  Organic Chicken

I personally get my chicken at Costco in bulk.  They have a great selection of organic meat.  Others rave about Zaycon.  I have not tried them…yet.  They are on my list.

2.  Eggs 

Farm fresh are the absolute best.  If you have a way to get your eggs from a farmer, do it! 

3.  Nuts & Legumes

4.  Non-GMO Soy (plant protein)

There are a lot of benefits to a quality non genetically modified soy protein.  I actually drink a non GMO soy protein smoothee daily but that is because I found the purest organic soy on the market (which is extremely rare to find).  Most soybeans are genetically modified and chemically washed. These are not.  Plus they taste yummy and make great healthy snacks for my kids.  I am always looking for more ways to ‘sneak’ in more nutrients in their diet.

{ read more about research on non-GMO soy protein HERE }

If you are a clean eating beginner, I suggest picking at least one protein source and swap it for a cleaner version. 

Which one will you start with? What are your favorite sources of protein?  Do you have it with every meal?


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