Easy & Healthy Carrot Fries. Yes Carrot!

In my quest for eating more veggies, I have found some ‘new to me’ ways to eat them.  For example, remember the radish chips?  So when I found out I can make fries out of carrots, I had to try it!  These are SUPER easy (a must for me) AND even my hubby (who despises carrots) liked them.

Start out by cutting your carrots into small strips…OR be lazy like me and buy the matchstick bag.  lol


Put them in a bowl and toss with 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil.


Spread on a baking sheet or jelly roll.



Bake at 400 for 20 minutes***edit (or until desired crispness) flipping halfway through the cooking time. 

These taste yummy with a bit of sea salt!

They are amazing good and so easy to make.

carrot fries 5


*edit  bake at 400 for about 20 min.  It works better on a higher temp 😉


Do you like carrots?  Do you know of any other great veggie must try recipes?

Happy Eating!


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21 thoughts on “Easy & Healthy Carrot Fries. Yes Carrot!

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I will have to give this a try right away. My son has a texture issue with food and this just might be the answer to getting him to eat carrots. : )

    1. Hi Kristin! Try flipping them alot in the oven and cook a little longer on a lower temp. That might make them more crispy for you. Hope that helps. xoxo Claire

    2. I cooked them for 30 minutes and found the temp too low at 350 – I cranked it up to 450 degrees and they crunched up pretty fast after that. I also should try to pat dry the carrots next time, they were pretty wet coming out of the bag. Just some helpful hints…but these are a wonderful tasting treat!!!

      1. I just tried this recipe.
        I did 400 degrees and 20 mins.
        Still not crunchy. So then I added another 5 mins. The outside ones burned and the inside ones were not crunchy… maybe 425 or 450 at 20?
        I did do the olive oil with salt and pepper. Tasty

  2. Oh these look yummy. I bet they would be awesome with some cinnamon and cumin – thanks for the cool idea. I’m totally trying these tonight but will put them in the dehydrator instead of the oven.

  3. I love roasted carrots, especially the baby carrots. I bought the matchstick variety on a whim a couple weeks ago. I was thinking about roasting them, and I found your blog. This encouraged me to try it and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m glad I saw to roast them at 350, because I usually roast baby carrots at 400 (15 minutes covered in foil and 15 minutes uncovered) and it would have caused these smaller shreds to burn. I tossed these in olive oil, pizza seasoning (salt-free), salt, and a pinch of sugar and dill. Once roasted, I squeezed a little lemon over them. They were melt in your mouth flavorful! I served this with a zucchini/squash casserole and the italian wonderpot pasta from Budget Bytes.

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