Eat Regular Meals

Do you skip meals?  Did you know that this actually hurts your metabolism?  Your body needs a steady flow of fuel and nutrition to keep it running properly.  Get in the habit of eating a good breakfast when you wake up and drinking a full glass of water.  This should include a healthy protein and carb with fruit or veggies.  I like oatmeal with blueberries, a veggie and cheese omelet or a protein smoothee.


There are so many benefits and reasons as to why you need to eat regularly through the day.  Here are a few …

  • Eating regular low fat meals reduces total and LDL (bad) cholesterol and reduces resistance to insulin – reducing the overall risk of developing heart disease.
  • Regular meal eaters tend to have a lower energy (calorie) intake compared to those who eat irregularly – crucial if you’re looking to maintain or lose weight.
  • By eating regularly (meals and snacks) you will help keep your blood sugar levels stable. Why is this good? Because this will help prevent strong feelings of hunger, which could result in you over-eating the next time you eat (which is usually the time you reach for that chocolate bar, latte or muffin – or all 3!).

What has helped me the most is planning ahead.  I plan my meals and grocery shop weekly.  I even have done freezer meal  planning.  I also keep stocked on fresh fruit and veggies, drink lots of water throughout the day and keep almonds and protein snack bars handy in my purse and car.

The biggest benefit?  Eating with family!  Regular meal times together to connect with each other.  It sets such a healthy example and I just love the time together.


Do you skip meals?  How do you feel when you do?  What do you like best about eating meals together?

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3 thoughts on “Eat Regular Meals

  1. I try to never skip a meal but if I do it’s usually breakfast because I’m running late. Some days I completely just forget to eat. I’m normally not hungry when I wake up so that doesn’t help!

  2. I never skipped a meal and my body got used to it. In fact My favorit philashophy : eat BK like a king, eat lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a poor :-), and snack in between (said by me)

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