Family Hike: Carlsbad Caverns

Our family loves to hike. 

Recently during our travels, we went to the famous Carlsbad Caverns located in

White’s City, New Mexico.

Here is a view of the natural entrance to the cave. 



The cave is home to hundreds of thousands bats that fly out every sunset to find food.  Thankfully, we went when they had migrated to Mexico for the winter.  The boys, however, were disappointed.


This is Clark and I at the mouth of the cave.  It is a 1.2 mile long switchback trail to get down to the bottom.


You can see the start of the switchback trail here. It is not strenuous, just steep.  Our 9 year old was able to do it easily.  We also saw people of all ages on the trail.  However, if you have knee issues, etc. they do have an elevator that will take you down to the bottom if you need.


Most of the path was really open, but there were a few spots like this one.


Down at the bottom we toured the Big Room. 

It is one of the two self guided cave tours and is 1.5 miles long.  The path is flat and somewhat lit. 

We did bring a few flashlights that were helpful, but not necessary.


The view of the inside of the cave was incredible!  

Over time, moisture and water have created these stalagmites and stalactites.

It was breathtaking to view how nature had created this over time.





My best hiking tip is to bring water and wear good shoes.

Our boys each have a small Camelback so they can carry their own water.  This has worked super well for us and is definitely worth the cost if you hike several times a year.  They wear it as a back pack and it has a straw tube to drink from.  It eliminates water bottles (and mom carrying them).


{ the blue backpack is a Camelback }

We all loved the cave hike, especially the boys!  My youngest told hubby and I thank you for bringing him here twice.  He’s too cute. 

If you go, White’s Cave has an RV park, campground and hotel all located within 10 miles of the cave entrance.  The town also has a Water Park that looked super fun for kids (and adults, too) if you are there in season.

What about you?  Do you like to hike?  Do you hike with your kids?  Where have you been?


4 thoughts on “Family Hike: Carlsbad Caverns

  1. Great post Claire!
    We hope you enjoyed your visit with your family to White’s City and the Carlsbad Caverns. If you would like, we would love to share your post on the White’s City website to help people to see the majesty of the Caverns. Also, if you wouldn’t mind sharing some positive comments in the post about your experience about White’s City we would greatly appreciate it!
    Happy Blogging!

    ~~~White’s City, NM Tourism

    1. Thanks so much!
      I would be honored to be on your website.
      Our trip there was perfect and the caves are so majestic.
      I highly recommend them!
      [I have made the requested updates]
      ~ Claire

  2. I remember watching the bat flight at sunset when I was around your youngest boy’s age and I was terrified, haha. But it was actually really fun once I realized the bats didn’t get too close!

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