Getting Rid of Migraines Naturally

I have talked with so many people who have suffered from migraines.  Recently, I was talking with my friend, Erin, and she shared her migraine story with me.  It really moved me and I asked her if I could share it here because I am certain it will help someone.  I am so grateful for her being so transparent here. 


This is Erin’s story……

“My migraines started out as dull throbbing over time. I would take about 800-1000 mg of Ibuprofen at a time to get rid of them. I just chalked them up to lack of sleep, since I was working the night shift.

I remember them getting really bad at the beginning of November 2010. They always came at about 10pm when I was working. I would load up on water and Ibuprofen and just push through them. There was no way I was going to call in sick to work every single night for a migraine. And really at the time I didn’t even realize they were migraines. I just thought they were headaches. I don’t think I even realized what was to come…
On December 7, 2010, I went to work and prepared to work the night shift like I always did. I worked at a juvenile detention center for our sheriff’s department. I was working the master control room which controls all the doors and Electronic monitoring for our house arrest juveniles.

My co-worker and friend Jeff came in at about 10:15 before he got off of work. We were talking about work and what was going on and checking on some juveniles who were on GPS house arrest. I started feeling a headache come on so Jeff watched master control while I went and got some ibuprofen. I came back and he sat there still talking with me. At about 10:45 I felt my right side of my body starting to go numb. I couldn’t feel the right side of my face. I couldn’t pick up the mouse to control the computer with my right hand. It just wouldn’t work. I started to freak out a little and googled my symptoms. It came up as a stroke. I thought to myself, is this really happening? Maybe its my mind playing tricks on me. Then when Jeff came in to turn in his keys to go home I noticed I was slurring like I couldn’t talk right. I told him I had a bad headache but he still looked concerned. He went home and about 15 minutes later, I noticed it was worse. I felt nauseous and sick like I was going to throw up. I started to get really scared. At that point I still couldn’t pull it together and attempt to do my job. I knew I needed help. My boss Kelley walked by and I called her into where I was working. I told her that my right side was numb and what was going on. She is very quick on her feet, she immediately grabbed another co-worker, Mark who was getting ready to leave and asked him to take me up to the hospital. I started to realize this was totally serious at this point.

In a panic we all stepped out of the master control room and realized we locked ourselves out! The master control room unlocks all the doors in the building! haha Kelley ran to get an extra set of keys and Mark and I waited at the door. By this time the pain was coming on STRONG. My vision was blurred too.

Mark waited at me with the ER while I was being checked in. I was able to talk to a nurse and tell her what was going on. I went back and they put me in a gown, and started taking my blood pressure and stuff like that. I called my husband and he really didn’t understand what was going on but he came to the hospital. Luckily my parents were visiting at my house and stayed with the kids. I was crying and couldn’t put my words together very well. The pain was so intense at this point.

By the time my husband made the 15-20 minute drive to the hospital I couldn’t talk right. My words came out so jumbled. I knew in my mind what I wanted to say but when I would say it and listen to myself it didn’t come out the way I wanted it too. At this point I became terrified and wondered what was happening to me. I was 29-years old and falling apart. I just remember laying in the hospital bed bawling. I was so scared. And the look in my husband’s eyes I will never forget. It was terror and horror. He was so scared for me. He just held my hand and sat with me. He had to have been so tired but he stayed with me.

I remember the ER doctor coming in and telling me they were transferring me to another hospital that had a neurological wing. They believed whatever was going on was a neuro issue. I remember being so scared. I just wanted to go home and I just wanted to feel better.
I vaguely remember them giving me an MRI and CAT scan before I left that first hospital. I remember being wheeled through the hospital on a stretcher which made me feel more nauseus. I threw up a few times which made the nurses worried because of the amount of morphine that they had given me for the pain. I kept asking for more because it hurt so bad. And for those who know me, know that I do not like taking medicine. I like to do things as natural as possible. I am not a fan of chemicals.

We went to another hospital in our city. Dusty followed the ambulance in our van. Looking back I wish we would have demanded to let him drive me. That little ambulance ride for 6 miles cost us over $1,000 out of pocket. But at the time I was out of it and Dusty was so scared. We couldn’t think straight. Little did we know that the end of this ordeal, we would be over $6,000 in the hole.


I remember getting to the hospital and going up the the top floor where the neuro ward was. I think all I could think about was Neuro-brain and thinking that it was a crazy wing. Of course it wasn’t but my mind was everywhere and I was scared. I just wondered if this was permanent or if I was going to get better. I was 29 and had a husband and three kids. Would I ever get better?

I remember them hooking me up to an IV, and giving me lots of medication. I went to bed and couldn’t sleep because the pain was so bad. I remember having 3 babies and it NEVER hurting that bad. I remember saying I would rather have 3 more babies naturally then to have the pain that I had right then. It wasn’t even comparable. It felt like I was shot in the head. Dusty stayed with me that night and the next day. He laid with me in my hospital bed and held me. He was so great and kept it together. I felt like such a burden.

I was up there for over a week. I felt helpless. I couldn’t take care of my kids. My husband was getting the kids ready for school, going to work and taking Audrey to our babysitter. All while I was up in the hospital. I felt like life was going on without me. I would ask my neurologist what was wrong and he had no answers. I met with a second neurologist and he had no answers either. They discharged me and I went home. They gave me vicodin and said take it as needed for pain.

I went home thinking I would just need to rest up and get back to work. I felt like my bell had been wrung. I couldn’t move very fast and I was just really slow. I was irritable and sad. I wanted to be like myself again. I also wanted to get back to work. I hated leaving my shift one person short. I just wanted things to be normal again.


I went back to work 3-4 days after I got home from the hospital. That same night the same thing happened! My right side went numb at about 11pm. This time Dusty just got the kids out of bed, came to work to get me and took me home. I couldn’t drive. That night I threw up non-stop all over the place and didn’t know who I was. At one point my husband said I looked at him and asked who he was. The next day after this my baby sitter took Audrey and I went back to the hospital. I wanted answers. I remember crying and begging my neurologist to tell me what was wrong! And at $200 a copay to see this neurologist I wanted them NOW. He still had no idea. He fixed me up with 4-5 random prescriptions for nausea, cancer patient medications and more pain medications and sent me home. And the pain medications were ones that I heard of other people getting addicted to. They also made me so sick to my stomach. I refused to take them. There had to be an ANSWER!

I went back to the neurologist and my Dad had to come take me. I couldn’t even drive. I went in and begged. I BEGGED for him to tell me what to do to make me better. I cried. My neurologist sat there and stared at me for awhile and then he pulled out a yellow legal pad and wrote down 3 things. He said to go home and google them and take them. He said they were supplements and that his family had been on them for over 40 years. He said they were the best. He also told me that I needed to change my diet, get a lot of rest and take those supplements if I wanted to get better.

I went home and had to go back to work that night. I went to work and later that night at work I googled this company called Shaklee.
I wanted to eliminate every un-healthy product in my house that could potentially cause my migraines and seizures. I wasn’t taking ANY chances.

My neurologist gave me a huge list of everything in our house that could be playing a huge environmental factor in my migraines and seizures. Most of my hygiene products were included in that list as well as ALL of my household cleaners. On that list it also recommended to eliminate processed food in my diet as much as possible.

I got all of my Shaklee products in February 2011 and got rid of everything that was dangerous for cleaning supplies in our house.

I bought a Get Clean kit and switched everything to that.

So are you wondering what was on the yellow legal pad list that my neurologist recommended? I know you must be dying to know lol. I get asked this question daily! 🙂

It was…


These three things were the RX for my healthier life! 🙂

I got all of my Shaklee products in February 2011 and got rid of everything that was dangerous from cleaning supplies to beauty products in our house.

By March of 2011 migraines and headaches were a thing of my past.

I still get the occasional headache if I am dehydrated but NOTHING like how it was.

My body feels so much healthier!

So we learned that prevention is the key. I wish we had known about those 3 things before this ordeal.

We would have saved thousands of dollars on medical bills and hurt for me and my family.


Thanks so much Erin for allowing me to share your migraine story.  This truly amazes me and I am so glad you are healthy now.

Do you suffer from migraines, too?  Do you know someone who does?  !

Email me at claireshealthyhome(@)gmail(dot)com with your questions and we can get you started on your RX for a Healthier Life too!


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