Healthy Mama. Happy Life.

I have taken some healthy steps in my life for my family, home and body and through each swap or change I had a good friend or group to encourage and support me along the way.  We moms need to take care of ourselves! 


I created a private group for all you mamas (and ‘to be’ mamas) called

Healthy Mama. Happy Life.


I know you want to be healthier, eat better and have more energy. {me too!}

I am SO excited for you to begin your journey to better health and feel honored to help you along the way.


I want you to join us today so we can cheer each other on!  Then invite a friend so we can cheer her on too.

Join the facebook group and become the healthiest mama you know.

healthy mama happy life


This is a closed group. That means no one but the members of this page can see your posts 🙂

{{ It is no secret that Shaklee is my chosen brand partner, however, there is NO requirement to use Shaklee products to participate on this page or our challenge. }}

Here’s to Healthy Mamas!


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