House Cleaning 101: What products do I use?

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Today I am going to share Part 3 in my House Cleaning 101 series.

house cleaning 101

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In my early cleaning business days, I used a TON of products.  Like a lot!  I had a different cleaner for everything.  Here is a picture of what I used to use and bring to a clients’ house.  I had a ton more in my cupboard too.


As you can imagine this can be a bit costly to buy so many different products.

Then, I noticed another problem.  A serious problem! 

I was getting headaches, fatigue and just general ill feelings every time I cleaned a client’s home. 

Needless to say, it took me quite. a. while. to connect the dots and realize I was poisoning myself with these cleaners.  I really did not have much experience with any other way to clean at the time and just thought there were no other options.  So when I finally clued in to linking how I was feeling to the products I was using, I started researching.  I found out that the products in the picture above were filled with toxic chemicals like hydroxide, phenol, ammonia and formaldehyde.  Say what?!   

I looked at home made cleaners and store bought ‘natural’ cleaners.  I think I tried them all?!  Here is what I experienced:  the home made ones did NOT clean as great and as fast and easy as the toxic ones.  (In a business, I needed to look at my time and cost per hour.)  Many included vinegar and honestly, I did not like the smell nor did my clients.  Then I learned that vinegar will erode your pipes!  Can’t have that!  Sooo on to the store bought ones.  I found them to be expensive!  Plus many are not ‘natural’ like they claim.  Not good for me either. 

At this point, I was seriously thinking that I would be forced to close my business.  I did not want to feel sick any longer.  As a cancer survivor, I also realized that environmental toxins are not something I was willing to risk with me or my family.  Then one day, I found Bonnie over at House of Grace.  I am so honored to say that she is now my friend and because of her sharing her stories, I took a chance with the cleaning products from Shaklee that she was offering.  Sounds silly, but this single step changed my life!  They are inexpensive, natural and most importantly, non-toxic.

Here is a picture of the products I switched to and currently use in my own home.


Just 3 products!  They are in concentrated formulas so these last a long time.

Basic H:  I use this on windows, glass, woodwork, countertops, floors, shower, tub.  I also use it to clean my car, get stains out of clothes, a stain remover, removing ink or crayon, wash my dog and my produce!

Scour Off:  I use this on my white sink, soap scum, oven and stove top.

Basic G:  I use this disinfectant on my toilet, countertops, door knobs, shower.  I also use it to take away athletes’ foot and in the laundry with soiled sheets.

So there you have it!

My 3 favorite products that save me time and money and my health.

What do you think?  Have you experienced poisoning from your cleaners?

Happy cleaning,





4 thoughts on “House Cleaning 101: What products do I use?

  1. I used to get light-headed when cleaning and I always hated breathing in the fumes of those toxic cleaners. I love my Shaklee cleaners and I even feel comfortable having my kids use them:) Thanks for the tips! I hope you had a great Mother’s Day:)
    hikermom recently posted..Monday MishmashMy Profile

  2. I love this post! And I’m so glad I found your page. I was going to clean my toliet yesterday and the smell once I openned just really gets to me everytime – so I decided my husband could do it. Cleaning green was never really something I had thought about until starting my recent weight loss journey and finding your page 🙂

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