How I Clean Natural for Pennies

Owning a house cleaning business taught me a few things.  One of those was the less I paid for my supplies, the more profit I received!  That was definitely a motivator for me as well as getting the job done well AND efficiently.

Remember my story on why and how I switched to natural cleaning products?  I still cannot believe the harmful stuff I was using and exposing myself too!

This is a picture of my old cleaning bucket.  Any of it look familiar?  You most likely have these in your home too.  I thought I needed ALL these for the many jobs that come from keeping a house clean. 

toxic cleaners

I went from this full bucket to just 3 products to clean everything…..bathroom, kitchen, dusting, floors, disinfecting, everything!

shaklee 3 products

Because each one is a concentrate, it lasts a looooong time.

Here is an example of how I clean natural for pennies with just the Basic H.


Can you believe those numbers???

I used to think the Dollar Store was such a bargain too, but when you break down the cost,

look at how you can clean for pennies!

You can order yours here and start saving a ton of money too.

Basic H

basic h 2

The bonus is Basic H has sooo many other uses besides cleaning the house!

Here are just a few other ways I use basic H

wash the car

natural fruit and veggie wash

wash the dog (natural flea deterrent)

take a bubble bath (the kids and me!)

remove wallpaper

laundry stain remover

basic h is safe

Scour Off

scour off heavy duty paste

scour off is safe

Basic G

basic g

basic g sheet

I am offering a special to ALL new members so be sure to contact me before you order so I can save you even more money!

claireshealthyhome(@)gmail dot com

Have a great day!


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