How to Clean the TV Safely

Since owning my own cleaning business for over 10 years, 

I have gotten many questions about how to dust and clean the TV. 

Using the wrong product can actually RUIN it! 

One of my clients was using Windex and it left streaks etched in the screen :0  

So here is:

how to clean the tv

Step 1

~ Brush gently with Swiffer Duster to remove some dust

Step 2

~ Spray Basic H Window cleaner on window cleaning cloth

Step 3

~ Wipe on TV going side to side buffing it as you go.

That’s IT!

The two must-haves, in my opinion is the type of cleaner and cloth you are using. 

The wrong one will ruin your tv!  AVOID Windex!!  Amonia is BAD for your TV.

If you have streaked your tv, don’t despair …yet.  After using Basic H a few times, it

actually lessened the streaks dramatically for my client.  Not completely gone, but so

much better that he is able to use the tv again.  Give that a try before you buy a new one.

Before I found Shaklee, I used just water with a VERY expensive window cloth. 

Since switching, I have found that this window cloth is SUPER inexpensive and works better. 

Also, using a bit of Basic H (only 1 drop diluted in 16oz of water) helps repel the dust to keep the TV cleaner longer.


Happy Cleaning!

Looking forward to our next visit,




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