How to clean your oven

I really dislike cleaning the oven.   It is gross, smelly and it usually takes the self clean which makes the house smell terrible or using super toxic cleaners.  So then my only option is to do it at night so my children don’t breath it, but then what about me?  I don’t want to breath it either.  As a result I wait too long and then it’s a hot mess!   So what do I do? 

I tried these to see how they stand up to my oven test.

how to clean the oven

Shaklee Basic H degreaser and Scour Off paste.

Just look at these yucky before pictures….

get clean oven before

get clean oven before 2

First I sprayed the entire inside of the oven with Shaklee’s Basic H degreaser and let it sit for 10 minutes. 

Then I used the Shaklee Scour Off paste and a wet (non scratch) sponge and went to work. 

Here is the after….

get clean oven after 2

get clean oven after

Amazing right?  It was easy and takes  a total of 20 min to clean it.  The trick was to use the degreaser first.  It helped break down the stuck on yuckiness before scrubbing with the paste.  No smell.  No toxins.  No need to clean at night and open windows.

Here it is again with the before and after. Can you see the difference?!

oven before and after 2

oven before and after

I love it.  A clean oven.

Here is a picture of a happy customer’s oven using Scour Off:

Now it’s your turn.  Do you dread the task as much as I did?  I was so happy to have it done and in less time than I thought!

To get your oven clean with these non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe cleaners that work, go to my Shaklee website and get some today.

My favorite cleaning kit I recommend getting started with has everything you need:

Get Clean Healthy Home Pack

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Happy Cleaning!


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