Liquid Magic: Basic H2

I clean Only with non-toxic cleaners in my home.  You can read about that change in my life HERE.

I absolutely LOVE Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate.


It is Safe, Powerful, Non-Toxic and Cost-Effective

No rinse, No residue, No streak formula.

It is super concentrated and from ONE bottle I get a window cleaner, an all-purpose and a degreaser.   One bottle of Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate  = over 500 16oz bottles of all-purpose cleaner!  It is a concentrate so you add your own water.  This means less waste and keeps the cost down.  I also use these.


1 to 2 drops of Basic H2 + 16 oz water ….YES Drops!


1/4tsp.  Basic H2 + 16 oz water


1   1/2 tsp Basic H2 + 16 oz water

I use this stuff ALL over my house…, countertops, sinks, granite, floors, dusting, spot cleaning, cupboard doors, shampooing the carpet, the car….I even bath my dog in it and shave my legs with it. There are hundreds of uses for just one bottle of concentrate.

It is safe for all sealed surfaces.

It is safe for my children, too, which is the most important!

Basic H2 has been on the market for over 50 years!

Here is what just a few happy moms had to say about Basic H2………

I LOVE Basic H2. I run around my home with it looking for new uses and never cease to be amazed!   Missy

I absolutely LOVE Basic H, Scour Off and Basic G!! They are my go to products for everything I clean! I also love knowing that when I use these products, especially in my kitchen around food and my newborn son that they are natural, safe, and biodegradable! I will NEVER go back to toxic/chemical based cleaners ever again!   Jennifer

I love Basic H2! I use it on everything! I removed ink from carpet and wall paint from our clothes. It’s like liquid magic!  Kindra

Gotta say the Basic H2! I use it on my hard wood floors and when I set baby down so she can play with her toys I feel good my floor is cleaned with naturaly non toxin products!  Courtnie

Check out THIS post on  Jeneane’s  story of how she uses Basic H2 in her business.


What about you?  Ready to have your own Basic H2 story?

Have a Blessed Day!



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