Mail Order: 3 Easy Steps

mail order

I am at constant war with my abundance of incoming paper flow.  

Here are 3 steps that I did to help reduce it.

1.  Eliminate

We use online bill pay and got rid of hard copy statements as much as possible.

You can also reduce junk mail clutter through an opt-out at

2.  Manage

Design a station that works and then use it.

I seem to always be looking for ways to improve this!

Currently, I am using an open file box with folders for each member of the family, mail, to file, church and business. 

This works pretty well and I keep it on our busy kitchen counter.  This is the spot where we all seem to ‘dump’ our daily stuff. 

Going through the filing the papers each day keeps it from piling up too much.



3.  File

Our main filing is kept in a different room.  Once a week, ok…once a month, usually, I go through our kitchen file

station and file away the important papers to keep.

So how about you?

How do you manage the paper flow in your home?

Tell us in the comments below.

Thanks for the visit!





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