Maui Family Vacation

My family just got back from a vacation in Maui.  The last time I was on Maui was for my honeymoon almost 19 years ago!  Things have changed a bit since then, but it was still just as gorgeous as I remembered.

This trip was with my extended family…13 of us.  My grandparents, parents, brother + wife with their 2 boys and our family of 5.

This is the view from the hotel we stayed at.  Isn’t is breathtaking?


We headed right for the beach to snorkel and play in the sand.


The cousins swam everyday!  The hotel had 5 pools which included 2 kids pools with waterslides.



On one of the days, my sister and I got to ride horses on the beach while the husbands went scuba diving with sharks.  I think the last time I was on a horse I was 12! It was so much fun!


We also went to Camp Maui and went ziplining!  The kids loved that!


We did drive the road to Hana…..uuuhhhmmm.  That was an experience!  We made it to the 7 pools after a 2.5 hours drive going 15 miles per hour.  If we went any faster I got really sick.  My hubby made a video on our travel blog HERE.

Isn’t this tree cool?!


(photo taken by Livin’ the Fit Life")

This is at the end of the 7 pools and looks cold but it was warm and 80 degrees. 



Here are the 7 pools.  You can just barely see the bridge at the top of the picture that we drove over to get here.


When we got back that night all 13 of us went to the Luau.  We were celebrating my grandma’s 82nd birthday and my grandparents 64th wedding anniversary.  They made a special announcement for them there and honored them both. 


And this was the most beautiful sunset that night! 


Ahhhhh.  By the end of our 7 days, Clark and I were dreaming of ways to stay.  lol  I’m sure everyone does. 

The whole trip was such a blessing and had been in the planning stages for a few years before it finally came to be.  I think the timing was right since my youngest son is 9 and the boys and cousins are all old enough to remember the memories made.  I think it will be a special trip for all of us to remember!

Check out our travel blog for videos (including the shark dive!)


Have you ever been to Hawaii?  What island? Would you move there?  Do you travel with extended family?



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