Mini Pizzas

Welcome back!  Thanks so much for the visit.

I have another fabulous dinner idea to share with you.

Mini Pizzas!  Healthy, Fun, Delicious ….. and everyone gets to make theirs exactly the way they want.

Step 1……Gather ingredients


Pick your ‘crust’…we used pita and flatbread.


Add in your sauce and cheese.


The options for this step are limitless!  Pick your veggies, fruits and meats to offer.


Step 2…..Assemble Pizzas



Step 3…..Cook and Enjoy!


Place on baking sheet and put in 350 degree oven for 5 – 10 mins (until warm and cheese is melted)

We enjoyed these with family friends.  Perfect for all the kids.

YUM!  There is no real recipe to post for this…just gather and wing it.

Looking forward to your next visit,


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