Mission:: I want Muscles

I noticed a huge drop in my metabolism when I entered my 30’s.  No longer was ‘chasing my kids’ in my 20’s an effective workout for me.  Bummer.  Suddenly I was seeking and reading material on strength training.  I learned it was even more important to build muscle mass because my body was starting to lose it quickly.  Darn it.  After 10 years of….ahem…. ‘research’ I am now in my 40’s [just barely].  Let me tell you.  I tested that theory of [no] strength training for you all for 10 years and have concluded that…Yes it is important.  You’re welcome. 

No strength training results in a super weak core.  [I learned that word in my many years of research]

Then my sis-in-law came to visit and made me invited me to do a version of the bootcamp she teaches.  That’s when I realized my 10 year old son may be stronger than me….

So last Saturday night I went to my favorite [dangerously close to my house] Target and perused the fitness isle.  I found this


What I know about Jillion is that everyone hates her.  And apparently that’s a good thing because she claims to ‘shred your body’.  yay me….

So I put the $9.99 life changing DVD into my cart along with a couple of hand weights feeling good.

Cheer me on in shredding my body [because that’s a good thing for my core ;)]!




17 thoughts on “Mission:: I want Muscles

  1. Claire, I LOVE this DVD!! Jillian is really good and she will shred your body if you give her the 30 days. I think I am going to go buy Bob Harper’s Yoga video too to do on off days. Enjoy being shredded! 😉 Julia

  2. Just wait until you’re 45! Oy! It gets worse! So important to move and stretch. Good for you for starting now. It’s not too late for us, right? 😉

  3. My metabolism is still high I guess, since I’m in my 20’s. But I’ve noticed that I actually have to work-out now or else the fat just sticks around! I hope this video works out for you! Shred that body! Lol

  4. it’s never too late to start getting fit and starting a new workout plan. I strength train and it’s not as bad as it seems in the beginning 🙂 good luck!

  5. Yes, I noticed the same in my 40’s. For me it’s swimming and yoga. Gyms and other workouts–been there, done that. Now I need peace in my exercise

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