My Laundry System {keeping up with a family of five}

Laundry is never ending isn’t it?  As soon as I empty one basket another is getting filled up.  Especially with 5 of us.  It took me a few years to find a system that worked for us, but I’m glad I kept trying because this really helps me stay on top of it.

my laundry system for a family of five

I have 3 boys and they each have their own bedroom. 

I have a hamper in each room for dirty clothes. 

I keep two hampers in the master closet.  One is for whites. The other is for darks.

Then in the laundry room on top of the dryer I have a basket for dirty towels and cleaning cloths.

My system is really simple.  I do one load of laundry every morning.  Start to finish.  Some days I do two, but almost always it is just one. If I am going to be gone during the day, I make sure to start is before breakfast and put it in the dryer before I leave.  Then I just ‘fluff’ dry it at night to fold.

Here are a few of my secrets and how my system gets played out …

Each of my boys have only have 8 outfits.  We seriously pared down on our stuff last year due to our 6 month road trip and I don’t think I will ever go back!  However, I will say having boys may make this easier.  Also, my boys only wear sport shorts (their choice) year round…even before we moved to a warmer climate.

My two oldest boys are teenagers and do their own laundry.  { can I get a woohoo?! }  Since they have enough for a weeks wear, they do their laundry once a week.

We each only use 2 or three towels a weeks for showers.  Now someone of you use a clean one everyday and may cringe at that, but it works for us.  We hang them up so they dry completely and then they get thrown in one of my morning loads.

This system just really works for us!  The baskets are never overflowing, we have clean clothes and I don’t have the job of laundry hanging over me constantly.

I have had several people ask me what the natural laundry products are that I use.

I use Shaklee brand.  They are a concentrate and last quite awhile and are cheaper (and safer!) than Tide.  I ran out before my order came and I bought an grocery store brand and my youngest son was immediately itchy.  The chemicals irritate his skin.  Plus I just like to know that I am using safe products. 

shaklee laundry

Ready to get your own? 

Email me at claireshealthyhome(at)gmail(dot)com to get my latest special!

What are your laundry woes?

Do you have a system that works?




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  1. I am in the midst of a mountain of laundry that seemed to happen overnight, Ugh! I need to get back on the 1 load a day system;)

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