My Mexico Trip

Hi everyone!  So sorry I have been MIA lately.  I just got back from a fabulous 5 days completely unplugged in Puerta Vallarta, MX!  

My friend and I have been planning a girls’ trip to celebrate our 40th birthdays. 

Although I like to remind her that my ‘official’ day is not until June 30th.  LOL  It really was dreamy.  Everything we hoped for and more. 

This was the first time I have taken this long of a trip without my boys or my husband.  Isn’t my hubby great? 

He told me to go and have a good time.  He works really hard at his job, took an evening class, took care of the boys

and finished putting in his mom’s wood floor…all while I was gone!  He is amazing!

Here are some pictures and highlights of our trip that I wanted to share with you.

**warning:  lots of pictures.  Too many cute ones to narrow it down**

This is the hotel we stayed in.


Here is a view of the pools.  We spent a lot of time here enjoying the SUN!  Living in Oregon, we were really lacking our Vitamin D.

There was a swim up pool bar that was fun, too.


This is our room.  It was simple and modern with a fabulous bed!  Usually I do not like hotel beds, but this one was great.


This was our ocean view patio.  We did not know we were getting this, but sooo glad we had it!  We used it every morning.


I took this picture from our patio one morning.  Our hotel is right by the Marina where the cruise ships come in. 

We have been on 2 Mexican cruises together with our hubbys and two other couples and came into this Marina. 

It was fun to see the view in a different way.


Here we are!  I am on the right.  Doesn’t my friend look great?! 

She recently lost 23 pounds with the Cinch Body Transformation Plan!  She feels so good. 

I have lost 15.  I still have 20 to go.  I was really happy that I fit into my summer clothes better than last summer.

Cinch Transformation (Shae & Me)

One day we took the bus and went shopping along the boardwalk at the flea markets and had lunch at this great restaurant. 

It was covered in signatures from all of their customers.  We got to sign our names too.  So fun! 

We ordered their special 2 for 1 margaritas and they brought us EACH 2!  LOL 

We were cracking up because if you know us we do not drink very often at all so 2 was just hilarious for us. 

BUT it was really good. Winking smile

This is me with my mango margaritas.



I did not really buy much at all because I was spending most of it at the spa. 

But I loved these scarfs, got some candy for the kids and just as we were about to catch our bus back to the hotel,

we saw an awesome shoe shop.  Seriously, it was shoe heaven!  Tons of cute sandals!  We spent over an hour there looking and trying on. 

The girls that worked there were annoyed with us because they had to go upstairs to get the sizes.  They were obviously not on commission. 

Anyway, I ended up getting these 2 pairs for under $40.  I love them!  They are so comfortable and cute.  My friend got 4 pairs. 

Needless to say, when we purchased 6 pairs the girls became more friendly.


This is a picture of a spa we found less than a block from our hotel.  Our big splurge and dream for this girls’ trip was to go to the spa. 

We love massages and they are a real treat for us.  Anyway, we were planning on getting one at our resort,

but when we stumbled on this we were squealing with excitement.  The place was clean and professional. 

They spoke some english (my friend also speaks spanish very well).  The best part was their prices were less that half of the resort prices!  Score! 

So of course we went twice.  The first time we got an hour and a half massage.  The girls were extremely professional and very good. 

I think it was the best massage I have had.  Then we went back 2 nights later and got another one plus a facial.  We were there over 3 hours. 

It was our first facial and I can not believe I waited this long to have one?  My skin still feels amazing and we slept awesome that night.


Here we are with our ‘girls’ after our 3 hours of heaven.  We requested them for our second night. 

It was fun to get to know them, too.


Fish Tacos here every night.  Cheap and good.  YUM!


Parasailing off the beach.  I was scared at first, but it was amazing!  Really peaceful and easy. 

Just sit when they tell you and float down when it’s over and they catch you.  A really great experience. 

Here is my friend at take off…


In the air!


That’s me in the air.


That’s me landing.  Super easy!  It was such a thrilling experience!


On our way home…{sigh}.


and…YES we brought only 1 carry on bag :0 Stay tuned for a post on my packing tips.

So did I loose you yet with all the pictures?  It was a really relaxing break for me. 

Unplugged for the entire 5 days.  Read 2 books.  Spa, Sleep & Sun.

I got to thinking how much better I feel coming home to take care of my family.  I feel more ‘present’. 

Why do we moms have such a hard time taking breaks for ourselves? 

We seem to put ourselves last and really, that ends up not so good for our families. 

Thank you for letting me share my special trip with you! 

Looking forward to our next visit,


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