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Last year I was getting ill every time I cleaned.  So I began to search for nontoxic cleaners. 

Since I was a cleaning business owner, they also had to work and not cost a fortune. 

That search led me to Shaklee.


Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US and has been around for over 50 years.

They were green before it was cool to be green.  Shaklee has been featured on Dr. Oz, Oprah and Rachel Ray. 

Our products are used by NASA, Olympians and the White House.  The more I learned about the company and their products,

the more I realized the importance of putting in only the best in my body and home.  I have been a cancer

survivor for 8 years now (woohoo!) and want to do all I can to make sure I don’t repeat that life experience.

(a little side note…Hiker mom and hubby [aka my bro] ran their first marathon in honor of me!  wow, right?!)

So I decided to do what we call ‘Shaklee-ize’ my home and body.

I switched brands to the ones I know are pure and I can trust.  From there I became a Shaklee rep. to help others get healthy too.

{Click on the pictures to read more about the product}

I take this wellness pack daily.

womens wellness pack

Plus I take Vitamin D3 everyday.


You can bet chemotherapy damaged my cells.  I take Vivix daily.

I know people who suffered from migranes or diabetes and it is GONE after being on this stuff!

Seriously powerful to be able to heal the body naturally and get OFF medication.


These are the cleaners I now use from the Get Clean line

No more bleach, ammonia or other icky chemicals in my house.

get clean pin

scour off heavy duty paste

basic g

And of course, our Sports Nutrition line for all you athletes here.

sports nutrition button

Now the BEST part!  For the first time ever, Shaklee is offering FREE membership

this month only….. with ANY order.  So hurry to take advantage of this offer before it is gone. 

Check out the button below to see all the perks to membership.

free member


Hopefully I didn’t overload you with all the pictures/ buttons.  LOL

* Questions?

* Want to earn free product too?

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