Protein Energy Bites

protein energy bitesThis is a super easy and healthy snack for you and the kids! 

It has only 3 ingredients

protein energy bite ingredients

protein energy bites recipe

Stir it all together and scoop into little balls. 

Eat and enjoy!

{we like them best refrigerated about 30 mins}

protein energy bites 2

They are filling too. 

I sent 3 with my teenage son to school in his lunch and it was just right for my growing boy. 

My youngest son is gluten intolerant so these are perfect for him too.

You could also mix in chocolate chips, oatmeal, nuts or raisins.

protein energy bites your kids will love

You can use any protein powder but this Chocolate Protein Powder is the only one I trust and give to my kids.

Enjoy and have fun mixing it up!

2 thoughts on “Protein Energy Bites

  1. Hey Claire! Love these! Have you made them with almond butter? I’m a huge fan of almond butter just curious if you have and if so, how they turned out!

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