September {family picture recap}

The month flew by!  Here are some of our family high lights.


Caden started playing the trombone in the school band.


We were outside a lot!  We just love our neighborhood.  It has great sidewalks and a nice park.  Plus our street is gated and safe to play in the street.


I finally hung pictures on the wall!  It’s feeling more like home.


We experienced our first Arizona monsoon! 


Caden finished reading the whole Action Bible.  He was SO proud of himself and I am too!


One Sunday we took a few floaties and went to the lake.  It was a beautiful day and a great way to cool off in Arizona.  We are bringing our raft next time!


On one of the many Target runs (we live dangerously close).  Caden keeps me giggling all the time.  He is such a goofball.


I started decorating for fall.  These cuties were made by my 2 older boys when they were each in 1st grade.  I love to save and put out the kids’ seasonal artwork.


Scorpion Hunt Hike with Usery Mountain and Ranger B was our September highlight!  We took black flashlights because they glow and counted over 50.  This one was big!  Most we saw were just little.  I thought I would be a bit creeped out, but it was really fun.  We will do this again for sure.


And just like that…..we are on to October!

What were your favorite family highlights of September?

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