Shaklee 180 Detox Review

Earlier this month I did the 180 Detox plan and really liked it!  I felt so much better getting off processed foods and refined sugars. 

I have done the 5 day mini-cleanse twice now and am gearing up for the next group. 

So many of you have emailed and messaged me with tons of questions so I recorded some short videos at the end of each day of the detox.  I hope it helps and answers your questions!

Get in on our next group NOW!

Read this post for more info 🙂

180 Detox Day 1


180 Detox Day 2


180 Detox Day 3

Somehow I forgot to record a video this day.  ooops!


180 Detox Day 4



180 Detox Day 5

Are you ready to feel better too?  
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