Smoothee Recipe Roundup

I drink a smoothee every morning and sometimes for lunch because they are quick, easy and I know they have the right amount of nutrients to start the day right.  Plus they have 24 grams of protein which is  important to have with each meal and it keeps me full. and often we make them for afternoon snacks.  My boys love them,too.  I often make them as an afternoon snack and it’s a sneaky easy way for me to get extra nutrients in their growing bodies.  I have several recipes on the blog, but today I decided to compile my favorites into one post for easy finding.

Healthy Iced Vanilla Coffee

iced vanilla coffee smoothee

Get the recipe HERE


Berry Delicious

berry delicious protein smoothie

Get the recipe HERE


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie

get the recipe HERE


Pumpkin Vanilla Spice

pumpkin spice smoothie (2)

get the recipe HERE


Mocha Frappe Smoothee

mocha protein frappe

get the recipe HERE


smoothie recipe round up

I have a list of several more recipes but these are my favorites so far.

What about you?  Do you drink smoothies?  Do you make them for your kids? 

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