Spring Clean My House: The Bathroom

Last week we deep cleaned our kitchens and now we are moving on to the bathroom.  The kitchen is definitely the hub of the home, but the bathroom is right up there as most used.  It can also be a hang out for germs! 

{ If you are just joining the Spring Clean My House Challenge, read this post first to catch up. }

This week we are deep cleaning the bathroom and getting rid of the icky germs and soap scum.  It honestly is my least favorite space to clean, but the space I most want clean when I use it.  lol  Does that make sense?

Spring Clean My  Bathroom

To get your bathroom sparkling clean again, just grab your supplies and follow the checklist below!

Spring Clean My Bathroom Checklist ::

* wash shower curtain, window treatment, towels and rugs

* dust { ceiling, walls, light fixtures, cabinets }

* wipe down walls, door and light switches

* clean mirror

* clean countertops

* clean/shine sink and faucet

* wipe down cabinets { use a small brush or toothbrush to get in the crevices }

* clean and disinfect toilet

* clean shower/tub

* clean floor


When I clean a space in my home or when I owned my housecleaning business, I found the fastest and easiest way was to clean top to bottom. 

Let’s go through the checklist together……..


***Begin with a quick clean up.  Put away items and clear off the counters.  Put the shower curtain, window treatment, towels and rugs in the washer before you begin cleaning to save time. ***


Dust ::

Get your duster (my favorite is the swiffer with the extended handle) and start with the ceiling.  Work your way down.  It will go super quick!


Wipe down the walls, door and light switches ::

I have 3 boys.  Picture muddy and greasy fingerprints everywhere and …ahem… missed potty shots.  Need I say more?


Clean mirror ::

Simple.  Spray with natural window cleaner and wipe with a microfiber cloth.  (THIS ONE is my favorite because it leaves NO streaks.  LOVE!)


Clean countertops ::

Spray and wipe down with a natural cleaner.


Clean/Shine sink and faucet  ::

I use a natural scouring paste with a sponge to get the gunk off.  Use a small brush to get around the drain and around the faucet.  Rinse well and buff dry with a microfiber cloth to get it shiny. 


Wipe down cabinets ::

Spray with a natural cleaner.  Use a small brush to get in the cracks.  Wipe dry.


Clean and disinfect the toilet ::

I use my favorite non-toxic disinfectant for this tough job.  Squirt some in the bowl.  Spray the seat out and the whole outside of the toilet.  Remember I have boys!  Then scrub the inside and the seat hinge (again I use a small brush).  Then wipe down the seat and outside.  I like to just use toilet paper for this and flush it away.  It goes pretty fast that way!


Clean shower/tub ::

Remember we are deep cleaning.  Take the time to get rid of the soap scum!  If it’s got a lot I use the natural scouring paste with a stiff brush.  For the door use a good scrubbing sponge.  Let the paste sit for 20 min before you begin scrubbing.  For basic cleaning, I use a natural cleaner in the degreaser formula.  Spray and scrub with a sponge.  Rinse well.  { for shower doors with water spots, check to see if they are etched in the glass.  unfortunately these can not be cleaned off.  you need a new door }


Clean floor ::

I like to wash the floor on my hands and knees.  It will get it the most clean.  Don’t forget the baseboards!


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Happy Cleaning,


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