Spring Clean My House : the Living/Family Room

We are on our last zone in the house for our Spring Clean Challenge

We have cleaned the Kitchen

We have cleaned the Bathrooms

We have cleaned the Bedrooms

Now we are on to the Living/Family Room area.


Whew!  It has been a lot of work but it feels great to have it all clean before summer hits with the kiddos. 


[[ read all about the spring clean my house challenge here ]]


spring clean my living room


By now you know the drill!  Grab your supplies and do a quick 15 min pick up of the room so you can clean it all.


Spring Clean My Living/Family Room Checklist ::

  • wash curtains
  • dust ceilings, walls, baseboards, picture frames
  • wipe down light fixtures and light switches
  • dust and wipe down blinds
  • clean windows and window tracks
  • wipe down furniture
  • wipe down t.v.
  • vacuum/clean furniture
  • vacuum floor
  • steam clean carpet


Here is how I do each task….


Wash Curtains ::

I do this first so they are clean and dry to hang back up when I am done cleaning the room.


Dust ::

Grab your favorite duster (I like swiffer with the extended handle) and start at the top of the room.  Go around the ceiling, corners, walls, all the way down to the baseboards.  Move furniture out from the walls to get behind it.


Window ::

Wipe down the mini blinds if you have them.  Then wash the window, tracks and window sill.  I spray my natural all-purpose cleaner, Basic H,  and even use q-tips to get in the track and remove the gunk.


*** check the laundry and put in dryer ***


Furniture + Knickknacks ::

Again, I use the natural all-purpose spray, Basic H, and wipe down everything!  Remove stuff from furniture first to wipe down and then clean each item before you put it back. Vacuum couch cushions.


Floor ::

Vacuum the WHOLE room.  Move furniture to make sure you get it all.  Use the hose to get in all the corners. Then take the time to mop or steam clean the carpet.


Lastly, put everything back and enjoy your hard work!


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Happy Cleaning,




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