Sunsplash Water Park

To celebrate the end of school and the first of our summer break, we went to our local water park, Sunsplash.

Our local Costco had discount tickets so we grabbed those and lunch and off we went!  At 100+ degrees outside we went when they opened at 11am to avoid the highest heat of the day. 

The boys were most excited to go on the Storm Rider and my oldest actually got interviewed by a radio station there that day.  When they asked him what ride he was excited about, this is the one!  They gave him a $15 I-tunes card too.

Caden wasn’t sure about the waterslides at first, so he and I went to the lazy river and the wave pool. Then he got brave and I took him on a slide and he was hooked!  That’s also when he thought it would be more fun to go with Dad….sometimes mom just isn’t as cool. 

family day at sunsplash

We had a blast celebrating the end of the school year.

Did you do anything to celebrate?

Happy Summer!


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