Playing Tourist

My mom cam to visit us the first week of August which also happened to be the first week of school for the boys.  We moved here officially in May and I was so excited to have her come!  It was a super busy and fun week with showing her the town, the boys’  schools, enjoying the sun and pool time, eating out, coffee runs and shopping.

We spent one morning relaxing at the pool while the boys were in school and took youngest with us on another day.  You can see him floating in the distance.  lol



I made us smoothees daily!  It was fun to take care of my mom a bit in this way.  She does SO much for me… even long distance!




We visited Old Town in Scottsdale, had shrimp tacos at The Mission and window shopped.  We loved all the cowboy boots and colors!





One night mom treated us to Rustler’s Roost, a fun restaurant with a western flair.  We got cowgirl hats and I got to wear my Texas boots.  Caden wore his awesome Texan hat too.  We listened to live music and the balloon man came by.  This restaurant is know for the rattlesnake appetizer so of course we tried it!  My oldest loved it.  I tried a few bites but couldn’t really get past picturing his face and fangs.  lol  Then they gave us cotton candy for dessert. 

rustlers rooste


Just about every night the Arizona gives us a beautiful sunset!  So we took advantage and took some great pics outside.


family august 2013

We had such a great time and it was sad to see her go. 

Do you like to play tourist with out of town guests?  Since we’ve only been here 6 months, we still have a huge Arizona bucket list.  Can’t wait for more visitors!


We Moved into a House!

When I found out we were staying in Arizona I immediately started searching for a house.  We have chosen to rent for this year and look to buy something next year.  After a couple of weeks of calling on houses I liked only to find out they had just been rented, I finally found one we love.  The boys came with me to look at almost all of them because I wanted them to have a say in where we lived and because I really value their opinion.  My oldest actually was very helpful because he has such a logical mind. 

The things we like most about our house are:

* one bedroom has a private bath and can be used for a guest room

* open concept for the kitchen, dining and family room

* fairly new appliances and upgrades like RO water

* community pool, hot tub, playground, sport court and tennis courts

* next to the elementary school that I wanted Caden to go to

* a few blocks from the high school Connor and Carter will attend

* close to hubby’s work

* close to family

Here are the pictures we took before we moved in…..











Moving from a 37 foot 5th wheel to a 1900 sq ft house feels huge!  However, I would definitely say that our perspective of space is different than it was a year ago.  We are all liking more space for sure!  The boys have been playing hide and seek and having nerf gun wars. lol  Plus there is a community pool 2 blocks away.

When we moved in we did not have ANY furniture other than our camping chairs.  lol  Since then we have gotten a great leather couch from craigslist and basic desks from IKEA for our school and work space. Surprisingly, we have plenty of things from what we brought with us in the 5th wheel.  We have all discovered we really like living minimally and simply!  We do have a few things in a storage unit back in Oregon which we will get and bring back in July.  Until then we are fine with our mattresses on the floor and our couch and camping chairs.

It will be fun to decorate it and I will be sure to share pictures when I do!



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Where in the US are we now? Plus BIG News!

We have been traveling in our 5th wheel for 7 months now, touring the US.  [more about that in a post to come soon!] We have had so many questions from friends, family and fellow travelers as to where we are and what will be next for our family. 

So…. where in the US are we are now?


We have been in Arizona for the past 3 months enjoying good weather and Clark’s brother and family.  Our original plan was to continue moving to the East Coast this month.  But our plans have changed!

While we have been here, my husband has been working with his brother at his RV business and he was offered the chance to stay. Clark loves it here with his brother and I love the warmer weather and the sun for sure. In working out just what that job would mean, we had to make the decision to stay here during the busy sales months.

After much prayer …..

We are officially moving to Arizona!

After living in and traveling in a small space, we are excited about settling into a house again.  This is a BIG change for all of us, especially the boys.  I appreciate everyone’s prayers for us in the transition. 

I will keep you updated when we find a place!



Sand Dunes + a Birthday Party

This past Saturday was my middle son’s 14th birthday!  I keep telling my boys to stop growing and getting older but they don’t listen to me.  lol  Seriously, though, the time just seems to fly.  I can clearly remember this sweet little 4 year old riding on the vacuum like it was yesterday.   We are currently in Arizona visiting family and we took a trip out to the sand dunes at the border of CA for a weekend of riding toys.!

Here are a few pictures of our weekend trip….

This is Carter, the birthday boy, helping pack up my brother in law’s toys and super excited!


This is my brother in law and my niece going riding in the razor.


This is hubby and my two other boys in the rhino.


Here is the birthday boy driving the rhino.  He loved driving!


Hubby was just as excited as Carter about the weekend.  He has been missing his days of motorcycle riding.  Good to have a big brother with all the gear!


This is our 5th wheel and where we camped.  There is no hook ups so we ran off our battery and generator.


Here is my brother and sister in law’s motor home.  They have a trailer to pull the sand toys on.


The dune hills are steep!  A few of us decided to hike it one day.  Such a good work out!  The view is just gorgeous…isn’t it?


My youngest boy, Caden ran down to the bottom first and then hiked back up.  We all did this a couple of times.


I love this picture!  The colors and the sky is just amazing!


So beautiful isn’t it??  Have you ever gone riding in the sand?  This was my first time in the four wheelers.  The last time I went was 20 years ago when hubby and I were dating!  We rode his dirt bike.  The boys had a great time and it was especially fun going with family.  We had a campfire with s’mores both nights and Carter requested ice cream pie for his birthday ‘cake’.

Happy 14th Birthday, Carter!  I love you and am so proud of you.


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Our Weekend in Arizona

We visited family in Mesa, AZ last week.  It is HOT there!  Up to 110 degrees! 

We drove from New Mexico and being from Oregon, the land really is different here.  You can read more about our family travels on our WeeRV blog.

[Warning:  LOTS of pictures in this post!]



The boys keep entertained on their electronics. They are really good travelers.


We swam a LOT at Uncle Pete and Aunt Elissa’s house but only at night because it was so hot during the day. They are all so competitive!  Clark and the boys tried to throw around some ‘Leighton power’ like they usually do…BUT then realized Pete and Haley are Leighton’s too.  LOL


Isn’t Caden cute?!  They all slept so good at night after hours of swimming.


The sunsets are so gorgeous here.


The boys raced with Uncle Pete and cousin Haley on the Wii.


Here is Haley with her dog, Tia.  So cute!  Haley was 8 the last time we saw her.  She has grown so much and is now 10.


The boys and Clark visited Uncle Pete’s RV biz everyday.  They loved it there!




Clark was able to repair our air conditioning in the truck.


I love this picture of Clark and his brother, Pete. Clark is younger by 3 years and taller….Pete tried standing on his toes.  lol  Makes me wonder about my 3 boys and if the younger will be taller than the older?


This giant bear is in the office right when you walk in!  Pete won it for Haley and he seems to have moved in.


The bear is Oregon Beaver colors and Connor refused to get in the picture!  lol  He is a total Oregon Duck fan…as you can see from his shirt.


Uncle Pete’s office.  Where the magic happens…  Aunt Elissa’s office is next door.  They work as a team.


Haley does competitions with her horse.  She is really good and loves it!  Here is a picture of her after she won.  Isn’t that picture amazing?


Here is a picture of the kids all together…after swimming of course!


…..and here they tried to get the dogs in the picture.  lol It didn’t work out too well.


Here is Elissa and Me.


Saying goodbye to Aunt Elissa….we will be back in the winter!


I was able to get a pedicure and go shopping with Elissa and Haley.  Haley needed school clothes and I was shopping for my upcoming Las Vegas trip for the Annual Shaklee Global Conference.

pink pedicure

The girls’ clothing section was full of 80’s fashion!  Such a flashback to high school!

shopping with Haley

But the boys favorite thing about our visit was being able to ride in the razer and drive the golf cart!



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