Spring Clean My House: the Bedroom

How is your spring cleaning going?

So far we have cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms

{ If you are just joining the Spring Clean My House Challenge, read this post first to catch up. }

This week we move on to the bedrooms!

Spring Clean My Bedroom

I don’t know about you, but mine seems to need a big dusting.  I try to keep up with it to keep the dust allergy on the down-low and this checklist always helps reduce it big time!


So grab your supplies and get ready to spring clean the bedrooms!  Start with a 15 min clean up.  Pick up stuff off the floor, clear off dresser and night stand so you can deep clean faster.  I love baskets to help contain stuff I need to go through later.


Spring Clean My Bedroom Checklist ::

* wash curtains

* strip/wash bedding and linens

* dust ceiling, walls, wall decor, baseboards, door frames, light fixtures

* dust and wipe down mini blinds

* clean window, tracks and window sill

* wipe down lamps and knickknacks

* wipe down furniture

* flip/rotate mattress

* vacuum/steam clean carpet


Ok.  We are ready to tackle it! 


Curtains + Bedding ::

Start by stripping the bed(s) and window treatments.  Have your kids help with this, especially in their room.  I do this first so I can get the massive laundry pile going while I clean the rest of the room. 


Dust ::

Grab your favorite duster (I like swiffer with the extended handle) and start at the top of the room.  Go around the ceiling, corners, walls, all the way down to the baseboards.  Move furniture out from the walls to get behind it.


Window ::

Wipe down the mini blinds if you have them.  Then wash the window, tracks and window sill.  I spray my natural all-purpose cleaner and even use q-tips to get in the track and remove the gunk.


*** check the laundry and get the next load in! ***


Furniture + Knickknacks ::

Again, I use the natural all-purpose spray and wipe down everything!  Remove stuff from furniture first to wipe down and then clean each item before you put it back.


*** check laundry and get the next load in! ***


Mattress ::

Vacuum the mattress before you flip it then do the other side.  It will help remove dust particles!


Floor ::

Vacuum the WHOLE room.  Move furniture to make sure you get it all.  Then take the time to mop or steam clean the carpet.



The last step is to put the furniture back, remake the bed, hang the curtains and get a good dust free sleep that night!


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Happy Cleaning!



I use all natural cleaners because chemical based cleaners are harmful for the air inside your home and for your body.  They have been linked to autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, and even cancers in young children; not to mention making you just plain feel sick with a headache. I don’t know about you but I’d rather not chance something as precious as my child’s life, so I use natural products that are safe and effective.


Email me at claireshealthyhome at gmail dot com to switch your home and family to natural cleaners, too.


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