Happy Birthday to my hubby, Clark

This weekend we celebrated my husbands’ birthday.


We have the same table decoration and button for every birthday.  Except my button is pink.  The boys don’t think the button is as fun now that they are older, but I think traditions are good so I put it out anyway.  Clark is a good sport and puts it on for the picture!


He actually had to work on his birthday so I got up to make him breakfast.  This was a BIG shock to him (and appreciated)  because I am NOT a morning person and he gets up at 5 am. So I made him eggs, bacon and waffles.  Kissed him ‘happy birthday’ and goodbye and went back to bed.  LOL.

Because it is the end of his work week, he just wanted to stay home and have a special dinner and movie night with the family.  I made a carrot cake (his favorite) that afternoon.  The boys and I went out to get him cards and came home to this.


I guess the dog loves carrot cake too….  I forgot to cover it up before we left and it was just too tempting for her.

Thankfully I also made big cupcakes and she did not get those.  Whew!


Time to light the candles.  My son, Carter, loves this job.


Happy Birthday, Clark!  Hope your wish comes true.


What are your family birthday traditions?


Caden is 9

“My baby turned 9.  I cannot believe how fast the time has flown.  Seems like yesterday was your first birthday. 

You are no longer my little boy.  This brings tears to mommy’s eyes..I had warned you I would cry on your birthday. 

I am mourning (just a bit) that you are growing up.  No more babies…you are my perfect last.  You were ordained

by God to be the 3rd boy and to complete our family.  Your middle name, Matthew, means gift of God and we chose

it just for you.  I also have tears of joy because I take such delight in watching you grow up.  I am so privileged to

be your mother and be a part of helping you grow into a man of God.  Such an honor!


The first picture you are posing nicely because I asked.

This one shows YOU and your personality!  I love it!


Brothers are the best!


Your favorite thing is to play at the park with Dad.


Happy Birthday to my favorite 9 year old.