Our Simple Christmas Traditions

We are in countdown mode here in anticipation of Christmas day.  For our family, we cherish this day as a celebration of the birth of Christ.  However, it is SO easy to lose sight of that simple celebration in the midst of the holiday hype.  I admit it is easy for me to get swept up in the idea of the ‘perfect’ Christmas.  I can get easily stressed out over finding the perfect gift, creating the perfect memories for my boys, cooking the perfect treats and ……

Then I remember, it all comes down to this for our family: celebrate the gift of Jesus and share it with others.  yep.  everything else does not matter.


These are a few of our simple Christmas traditions

  • decorate the Christmas tree
  • drink hot cocoa
  • look at Christmas lights
  • watch some Christmas movies
  • play games
  • have a birthday cake for Jesus
  • help another family

One thing I love about our tree is it tells stories.  With the ornaments we have collected over the past 20 years, it tells the story of our marriage, our first home, the birth of each of our three boys and God’s story of love for us.  From the time of creation through the birth of His son, Jesus.  Every year we decorate the tree we are reminded of these precious stories by each ornament that gets hung.

What about you?  What are your Christmas traditions? 

Do you find yourself getting stressed out during the season too?

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La Jolla Cove Beach

Sea Lions, Seals, and Sunset


I hope you all had such a great Christmas with loved ones.  We celebrated pretty early this year with our extended family and on Christmas Eve and Christmas day it was just our family of 5.

We are currently just outside of the San Diego, CA area.  [read more about our family US RV tour here]

Christmas Eve we found a church to attend.  Honestly, this is THE ONE tradition that I really don’t ever want to miss.  This church also did candlelight during the singing.  Simply beautiful!

Here are the boys next to one of the church Christmas trees.  I really love them all in blue.



After opening presents and having our traditional Christmas cinnamon rolls, we drove to La Jolla Cove Beach, CA. 

It is know for it’s sea lions, seals and sunsets. Here are our pictures of our day there.


IMG_1544[1] IMG_1529[1]




I just love the beach!  Nature always reminds me of the beauty and power of our created world. 

What did you do Christmas day?  Do you have any family traditions?  Do you love the beach too?



Christmas Bucket List

Christmas is a week away! 

In the past, each year when the Christmas season comes. so many ideas fill my head of all the fun and many activities we are going to do to enjoy the season.  You know what I discovered? 

Too many activities do not always equal lots of fun! 

So I have learned, after making the same mistake many years in a row, that cutting back to just our favorites really do make for a more fun season.  But more importantly, I want my kids memories of the Christmas season to be centered around the real meaning of the season and giving to others.

This is our little tree for our RV. 


Here is my Christmas Bucket List for 2012

  1. Help a family/child in need.
  2. Volunteer time.
  3. Drink egg nog.
  4. Bake and decorate cookies.
  5. Stuff someone’s stocking.
  6. Spend time with friends who I haven’t seen in awhile.
  7. Give something away. 
  8. Decorate a tree for our rv.
  9. Watch Elf. (a family tradition)
  10. Read the nativity story.
  11. Try a Gingerbread Latte.
  12. Drive around and look at the lights.

We have already done a few off the list.  I highly recommend the gingerbread latte!  Yum!

Do you make a list every Christmas?  What is your family’s favorite tradition?

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