Spring Cleaning is in the Air

Thursday marks the official first day of spring!  Some of you have been buried in snow for months and are just itching for some bursts of green and flowers.


This time of year has me dreaming of summer when the kids are out of school, we are off schedule, playing outside, visiting parks and just soaking up sunshine. 

To fully enjoy that season with my boys, I have always liked a thorough spring cleaning of my house.  I usually de-clutter and deep clean so I don’t have to worry about any big cleaning until fall.  Life is too short and I would rather play!

Last spring, I had a blog series called, Spring Clean My House.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I am going to share it again this year.  I have it sectioned off weekly with different zones to focus on.  You can go at your own pace.  If you are feeling like superwoman, feel free to plow through it all in a week.  Or take it slower like me.  Either way, use this a guide to your cleaning and before you know it, you will be ready for summer play.



spring clean my house


1. Getting Ready

2. Kitchen

3. Bathroom

4. Bedrooms

5. Living/Family Room

If you want to use the same cleaners as me, now is a great time to catch my March special! View all the kit details here


I also love Basic G for disinfecting the bathrooms and Scour Off for tough jobs like soap scum or the oven.

Happy Cleaning and Happy Spring!


House Cleaning 101: What products do I use?

Hello and welcome back to my ‘home’ here!

Today I am going to share Part 3 in my House Cleaning 101 series.

house cleaning 101

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In my early cleaning business days, I used a TON of products.  Like a lot!  I had a different cleaner for everything.  Here is a picture of what I used to use and bring to a clients’ house.  I had a ton more in my cupboard too.


As you can imagine this can be a bit costly to buy so many different products.

Then, I noticed another problem.  A serious problem! 

I was getting headaches, fatigue and just general ill feelings every time I cleaned a client’s home. 

Needless to say, it took me quite. a. while. to connect the dots and realize I was poisoning myself with these cleaners.  I really did not have much experience with any other way to clean at the time and just thought there were no other options.  So when I finally clued in to linking how I was feeling to the products I was using, I started researching.  I found out that the products in the picture above were filled with toxic chemicals like hydroxide, phenol, ammonia and formaldehyde.  Say what?!   

I looked at home made cleaners and store bought ‘natural’ cleaners.  I think I tried them all?!  Here is what I experienced:  the home made ones did NOT clean as great and as fast and easy as the toxic ones.  (In a business, I needed to look at my time and cost per hour.)  Many included vinegar and honestly, I did not like the smell nor did my clients.  Then I learned that vinegar will erode your pipes!  Can’t have that!  Sooo on to the store bought ones.  I found them to be expensive!  Plus many are not ‘natural’ like they claim.  Not good for me either. 

At this point, I was seriously thinking that I would be forced to close my business.  I did not want to feel sick any longer.  As a cancer survivor, I also realized that environmental toxins are not something I was willing to risk with me or my family.  Then one day, I found Bonnie over at House of Grace.  I am so honored to say that she is now my friend and because of her sharing her stories, I took a chance with the cleaning products from Shaklee that she was offering.  Sounds silly, but this single step changed my life!  They are inexpensive, natural and most importantly, non-toxic.

Here is a picture of the products I switched to and currently use in my own home.


Just 3 products!  They are in concentrated formulas so these last a long time.

Basic H:  I use this on windows, glass, woodwork, countertops, floors, shower, tub.  I also use it to clean my car, get stains out of clothes, a stain remover, removing ink or crayon, wash my dog and my produce!

Scour Off:  I use this on my white sink, soap scum, oven and stove top.

Basic G:  I use this disinfectant on my toilet, countertops, door knobs, shower.  I also use it to take away athletes’ foot and in the laundry with soiled sheets.

So there you have it!

My 3 favorite products that save me time and money and my health.

What do you think?  Have you experienced poisoning from your cleaners?

Happy cleaning,





House Cleaning 101: My Favorite Tools

Welcome back!  I am so glad you came to visit.  Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for even more tips.  Then join our Facebook community.

This post is one of a 4 part series.

Go HERE to read #1. Routine ….. if you missed it.

Today we are on #2. Tools 

I have several favorite cleaning tools that I use.  Over my past 8 + years in the house cleaning business, I have tried A LOT of different tools and these are the result of that.  These are officially my most favorite to clean simple and quick!

Swiffer Duster

This is a must have tool!  Be sure to get the extended handle one.  You will not be sorry to pay the extra for it.  It can reach up really high without climbing on chairs or step stools.  I can go around a room super fast with this.  I personally use the cloth a lot of times before I need a refill.  If you want to save money with this part, I have seen some blogs that have made their own refills out of microfiber and can then rewash it.  Make sure you get a good quality microfiber cloth.

swiffer duster

My favorite small brush is this by OXO SoftWorks.  It works great on small areas like the sink.  It has a good stiff bristle that makes cleaning go faster and more efficient.  I used it on this shower floor.

small scrub brush

I keep a sqeegee in my shower to wipe off the glass door after every shower.  This is a good step to get in a habit of doing because it saves scrubbing time later.  Any brand will do…I just took a picture of this one.


Next up are the microfiber cleaning clothes and sponges I use.  If you use a good quality material, it will save loads of time!  With these ones I have NO streaking.  Very important for cleaning it once.  It is a waste of time (not to mention frustrating) when you have to go over and over your mirror or surface because of streak marks.  These ones soak up a lot of moisture too which makes it last longer since I dry clean often.  The sponge is machine washable as well and the green ones are for my tough jobs like soap scum that has been on forever.  Get these if you are having trouble with your shower or tub.  They will do the job, trust me.

cloths and sponges

I use concentrated cleaning products to save money (more on that later) so I need spray bottles to mix it up in.  These are my most favorite ( and I have been through A LOT) spray bottles.  Why?  Because it has a quality spray nozzle.  It sprays a nice mist.  You may think this is not important, but I have found it to help my job go so much faster and efficient.  Plus, look how cute they are?  Who doesn’t love cute stuff?  I like that it is pretty enough to keep out and look nice.

spray bottles

Now on to the floors!  I bought this O Cedar spray mist mop at Target for a great price and it is so easy to use.  Love it!  I have been through a lot of mops before I found this one.  It comes with a refillable bottle so you can put your own cleaner in and the microfiber cloth attaches with velcro.  You can buy more pads AND they are machine washable.  The spray button is on the handle.  This is so easy to use, my kids can do it.  Bonus!  Also great for just spot cleaning for when you don’t have time to do the whole floor.

Confession:  I actually rarely have time (or desire) to really deep clean my floors.  Instead, I use this mop to do it fast.

favorite mop

So there you have it!  My secret cleaning tools revealed.  I used these in my business as well as in my own home.  What do you think?  Do you use these already?  See any that you want to try?

Be sure to come back for Part 3: Products

Happy Cleaning,


**I was not perked or paid for the review of any of these tools.  I just happen to love them, however, if any of these companies want to thank me for the free advertising for their products, I would welcome it. LOL**

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House Cleaning 101: Routine

Ever wonder how professional house cleaners get in and out so quick and efficient?

I owned and operated my own house cleaning business for over 10 years and I picked up

a few tips and tricks along the way.  Lucky you…I am going to spill it all! 

Since there is so much information this will be a 4 part series.

house cleaning 101 

1.  Routine

2. Tools

3. Products

4. Schedule

So today I will share my cleaning routine to keep it fast and easy! 

I am a busy mom of 3 boys and I work at home.  So, just like you, finding the time (and the desire)

to clean my house is a challenge. 

Confession:  I actually do NOT like to clean!  :0 

This may sound strange since this was my business for 8 + years, but it is not my favorite thing to do.  However, I am good at it and I will say it is much easier to clean other peoples’ homes than mine.  In my own home, I get sidetracked easily by other projects that get in the way of my actually cleaning, therefore making it longer. 

Does this happen to any of you? 

The other obvious reason is at a clients’ home, there are no children, husbands or other people to get in my way for the next 3 hours.  As a mom, I am sure you can dream along with me of all the possibilities of 3 hours alone to get your work done!  Pure heaven. This is the part I loved about my business.  Time alone to actually complete a task and then walk away.  Satisfaction.

Here is the routine I use when tackling a cleaning job or task.

1. Start in the bathroom

Why?  Because I like to get the toughest job done first while I have my energy to do the best job.  Plus it’s my least favorite. Yuck!


I showed you HERE how I clean the shower.

2.  Clean top to bottom

This means I dust first from the ceiling down.  That way the dust falls to the floor which is the last part I clean including vacuuming.


I showed you HERE how to clean your tv safely.

3. Use as little water as possible.

cloths and sponges

I spray and wipe down/clean with lots of microfiber cleaning cloths.  Trust me. 

This will save you loads of time! 

I spray and wipe down as I go around each room.  Not only is this quick, but it is more sanitary.  Water just moves the germs around. 

Plus when it dries it leaves water spots.  Cleaning dry will give everything a nice shine.

4. Move knickknacks one at a time.


I spray on the counter/shelf next to it, then use one hand to wipe with my cloth and the other to pick up each item as I go. 

Much faster than clearing it all once and then putting back.

That’s it!  Just 4 steps for a quick routine. 

For those of us who actually live in our homes Winking smile, we know that there are a few things that get in the way of quick cleaning.  Stuff (clutter, toys, paper) and people.  If this is running your household, try getting rid of some stuff.  Seriously, the less you own, the easier it is to clean.  As for people, well…don’t get rid of them! 

But we will talk about family in the schedule post. 

I am so excited for you all to try these few simple steps to getting your house under control. 

I would love and welcome any of your house cleaning tips, too!  Please share in the comments!

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Happy cleaning!




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