Depression and Your Health : You are Not Alone!

I was recently asked by my friend Erin if I would share my story with a group of other women through an online webinar.  Erin is the founder of Simple Health Swaps, an online community for women to share and encourage healthy lifestyle changes one step at a time. 

depression and health

It already happened BUT you can email me to get the recording.

It is my desire that this helps another mom out there!



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This Little Light of Mine….

  This is a type of depression that usually occurs in the fall and winter otherwise known as SAD.  It can zap your energy and make you feel moody.  It is also known as the ‘winter blues’. 

I struggle with this personally and it has taken me years to really recognize it and understand that I don’t have to just ‘ride it out’.  One very effective treatment tool for me is using a light box.

This is a box that gives off a specific type of bright light that mimics natural outdoor light. Light therapy is thought to affect brain chemicals linked to mood, easing SAD symptoms.  

Here is the one I use.


Here it is turned on.



It also came with a storage/travel case.  I do take it with me if I go out of town.  Consistency is the KEY.



Every morning I turn it on while I get ready in the bathroom.  Ideal is 30 – 60 minutes EVERY day, but this busy mama settles for 20 EVERY day.  Better than nothing, right?  And it works!

I have been using mine for 7 years now and I can definitely say that it helps!  I have learned I need to start early October and continue through at least mid April.  Last year I used it clear until June due to our extremely rainy climate that year.  It was seriously bad!

If you have depression issues, it may be worth your time to research light therapy (or phototherapy).  I am not a doctor…just a mom learning to take care of myself.  Be sure to check with a doctor if you have severe symptoms of depression.

Depression can be such a ‘bad’ word…it can be nice to know you are not alone.  Bring your pain to the ‘light’ and it ‘lightens’ the load.  You know?  (yes, pun intended  Smile with tongue out)

Hope this helps someone!  If you have suggestions or questions, be sure to leave a comment!  Or if you would prefer, you can email me.

Have a blessed day,