11 Random Things About Me

Hello.  I am loving getting to know you more on our Facebook page!   

It has inspired me to share a bit more about me.

This will be FUN! So let’s get started.

Here are 11 Random Things About Me

clarks pictures 1488

1.  I love studying personality styles.  In fact, my hubby and I took a seminar with our boys about it and it has really helped us all get along better.

2.  My favorite treat (at the moment haha) is Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt Bar.  Yum!

3.  I have moved 7 times and lived in 3 states.

4.  I gave up soda over a year ago and after I got over the withdrawal, I feel so much better!  Try it!

5.  Hubby and I just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary.

6.  I prefer dogs to cats.  Don’t hate me.

7.  I feel like I can literally breath better and think better when my house is decluttered and clean.

8.  I am a cancer survivor of almost 9 years. yay!

9.  Our family of 5 is on a year long US tour in our 5th wheel.  Halfway through our year and we have visited 22 states!

10.  I hate mornings!  I love to sleep.  lol

11.  Luxury of choice is a massage.  Last year I went to Mexico with a friend to celebrate our birthdays and we got 3 in a week.  It was heaven!

Here are a few questions I have been asked:

1.  When it comes to blogging, what types of things do you enjoy: photography, writing, crafting, sharing, networking, etc.?

My favorite is networking on the social media.  I’m addicted!  lol

2.  What types of blogs do you like to follow and why?  You can list them if you want.

I like blogs that relate to family, living healthy, simple organizing and a few that make me laugh!

3.  Do you think it’s difficult to find the time to blog?  Do you schedule certain times to work on your blog?

It is difficult to find all the time I WANT to blog.  I have found that blocking out a few hours throughout the week and putting it on my calendar totally helps.

4.  What is your favorite hobby?

uhmm…blogging!  lol It’s just an awesome bonus that I make money with it too.

5.  What is your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas!  Family and Faith

6.  What place would you like to visit the most?

Well, since we are touring the US right now, I will go bigger.  Israel is definitely on my bucket list.

7.  What’s the first thing you would grab if your house was on fire (besides pets and family members)?

Probably my computer!  Before you judge…lol…it has my pictures on it.

8.  Do you have a job in addition to blogging?  …or are you a stay at home mom?

I own my own company marketing health + wellness products for Shaklee, a natural nutrition company. I work at home.

9.  What is your favorite dessert?

Anything chocolate!

10.  What are some things your dream home would have?

A big jacuzzi tub.

11.  Can you recommend any good books?  Why do you like it/them?

Currently I am reading Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst.  It is awesome!



Healthy Living Steps for Moms on the GO

…….this is a popular post from last year….Happy New Year!…….

Are you a busy mom on the GO?  Do you desire a more healthy lifestyle for you and your family?  Do you struggle with action and committing?  Or are you confused about where to start?  You are NOT alone!  Most people want to get healthy, feel better, have more energy and look younger yet they feel they are too busy to make it happen.  Then discouragement sets in.  I know because I struggle with this all too! 

Prior to making some important changes in my life and family, I was a burned out mom.  I was feeling sick, depressed, tired all the time and had very little energy.  My role in life was changing from mommy to mom, my husband had a stressful job, we had gotten ourselves into some debt and my passion for life had seemed to just be gone.  It was time for some serious CHANGE, but even the thought of that overwhelmed me. I thought I needed a major overhaul (and I did!) but I thought I had to do it ALL at once.  That thought crippled me until I decided to change that thought.  Who says I have to do it all?  I think it was just me telling myself that.  Is this you too?  It is freeing to get rid of that crippling thought and I must remind myself of this often.

If you are FED UP with this reality, then I invite you to get serious and find some new habits that will serve you and your family better.  Take it ONE STEP at a time. 

Healthy living shouldn’t feel hard…..it should feel GOOD!


Here are my 8 Simple Steps to get started TODAY!

1.  Drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning.

2.  Grab a few fresh fruits on your way out every day.

3.  Avoid eating out for lunch.

4.  Exercise daily.

5.  Drink herbal teas.

6.  Eat a handful of nuts around 3pm.

7.  Breath Deeply and Pray.

8.  Get enough sleep.

Commit to action and start feeling GOOD!

Which one will you start with?

A commitment is always more successful when you surround yourself with like-minded and encouraging people.  I invite you to plug in here for community support.  Start by subscribing by email to get access to our newsletter.


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La Jolla Cove Beach

Sea Lions, Seals, and Sunset


I hope you all had such a great Christmas with loved ones.  We celebrated pretty early this year with our extended family and on Christmas Eve and Christmas day it was just our family of 5.

We are currently just outside of the San Diego, CA area.  [read more about our family US RV tour here]

Christmas Eve we found a church to attend.  Honestly, this is THE ONE tradition that I really don’t ever want to miss.  This church also did candlelight during the singing.  Simply beautiful!

Here are the boys next to one of the church Christmas trees.  I really love them all in blue.



After opening presents and having our traditional Christmas cinnamon rolls, we drove to La Jolla Cove Beach, CA. 

It is know for it’s sea lions, seals and sunsets. Here are our pictures of our day there.


IMG_1544[1] IMG_1529[1]




I just love the beach!  Nature always reminds me of the beauty and power of our created world. 

What did you do Christmas day?  Do you have any family traditions?  Do you love the beach too?



Christmas Bucket List

Christmas is a week away! 

In the past, each year when the Christmas season comes. so many ideas fill my head of all the fun and many activities we are going to do to enjoy the season.  You know what I discovered? 

Too many activities do not always equal lots of fun! 

So I have learned, after making the same mistake many years in a row, that cutting back to just our favorites really do make for a more fun season.  But more importantly, I want my kids memories of the Christmas season to be centered around the real meaning of the season and giving to others.

This is our little tree for our RV. 


Here is my Christmas Bucket List for 2012

  1. Help a family/child in need.
  2. Volunteer time.
  3. Drink egg nog.
  4. Bake and decorate cookies.
  5. Stuff someone’s stocking.
  6. Spend time with friends who I haven’t seen in awhile.
  7. Give something away. 
  8. Decorate a tree for our rv.
  9. Watch Elf. (a family tradition)
  10. Read the nativity story.
  11. Try a Gingerbread Latte.
  12. Drive around and look at the lights.

We have already done a few off the list.  I highly recommend the gingerbread latte!  Yum!

Do you make a list every Christmas?  What is your family’s favorite tradition?

If you missed our RV story check it out HERE and take our RV home tour HERE


Family Hike: Carlsbad Caverns

Our family loves to hike. 

Recently during our travels, we went to the famous Carlsbad Caverns located in

White’s City, New Mexico.

Here is a view of the natural entrance to the cave. 



The cave is home to hundreds of thousands bats that fly out every sunset to find food.  Thankfully, we went when they had migrated to Mexico for the winter.  The boys, however, were disappointed.


This is Clark and I at the mouth of the cave.  It is a 1.2 mile long switchback trail to get down to the bottom.


You can see the start of the switchback trail here. It is not strenuous, just steep.  Our 9 year old was able to do it easily.  We also saw people of all ages on the trail.  However, if you have knee issues, etc. they do have an elevator that will take you down to the bottom if you need.


Most of the path was really open, but there were a few spots like this one.


Down at the bottom we toured the Big Room. 

It is one of the two self guided cave tours and is 1.5 miles long.  The path is flat and somewhat lit. 

We did bring a few flashlights that were helpful, but not necessary.


The view of the inside of the cave was incredible!  

Over time, moisture and water have created these stalagmites and stalactites.

It was breathtaking to view how nature had created this over time.





My best hiking tip is to bring water and wear good shoes.

Our boys each have a small Camelback so they can carry their own water.  This has worked super well for us and is definitely worth the cost if you hike several times a year.  They wear it as a back pack and it has a straw tube to drink from.  It eliminates water bottles (and mom carrying them).


{ the blue backpack is a Camelback }

We all loved the cave hike, especially the boys!  My youngest told hubby and I thank you for bringing him here twice.  He’s too cute. 

If you go, White’s Cave has an RV park, campground and hotel all located within 10 miles of the cave entrance.  The town also has a Water Park that looked super fun for kids (and adults, too) if you are there in season.

What about you?  Do you like to hike?  Do you hike with your kids?  Where have you been?


Fall Pumpkin Patch

I love going to the pumpkin patch every fall.  While visiting with friends in Kansas, we were able to go together to a really fun one!

pumpkins 2012

Aren’t these pumpkins gorgeous?  I love the different fall colors.

Branscoms October 2012 195

Branscoms October 2012 081

Branscoms October 2012 076

Here is my oldest son in the corn maze. 


They had sling shots and some cool guns to shoot mini pumpkins with.  This was the boys favorite part.

Branscoms October 2012 129

The zipline was also fun.


Because we live in such a small space right now, this pumpkin was too big for us this year!  We decided to get a couple of mini ones instead.


Do you go to the pumpkin patch every year too?  What’s your kids favorite part?

Happy fall!


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Blogger Girls Meet in ‘Real Life’

Since my family and I started our year long US tour, we have been able to meet and visit with so many people!

We just spent the last (almost) 2 weeks with the Branscom family in Kansas.  My good friend, Erin and I actually met through blogging and we have been able to ‘meet’ each other in real life twice before our family invaded their family and parked our HUGE 5th wheel in their driveway.  Seriously!  How cool are they do let us do this??? You can find Erin’s blog HERE.

While we were there, Erin and I made sure to get as much blogging and girl time as possible!

We jam packed it in and had so much fun!

We started every morning off with coffee…..

blogger girls meet in real life

…..and a protein shake.

pumpkin protein shake

We wrote down our ideas for our blogs and business for the week.

erin & claire

One night we used our favorite beauty masque cream.  Our kids thought we looked silly so we just told them we were going to be mimes for Halloween.  LOL


We got pedicures.  My feet sooo needed this!


We had a blogger night at Starbucks and drank salted caramel mochas. YUM!


We played at Target one night and had a little fun with Instagram!


We had so much fun!  Stayed up waaaay too late, laughed a lot and even worked too. 

You rock Erin!!!  I miss you already.

Have you ever met a blogger online and become ‘real life’ friends?


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Family Fun Night

We have been visiting friends in Wichita, KS.  We pulled up in our 5th wheel and are currently parked in their driveway.  Here’s a picture of us backing in our HUGE rig!  They measured their driveway before we came to make sure we would fit.  lol

Branscoms October 2012 001

Friday night our families had a pizza and game night.  All 10 of us!  Such an inexpensive and FUN way to get together with friends.

This is my hubby and I eating our pizza and breadsticks.  {totally off subject, but my hair has gotten so long! I think I am going to put some long layers in it.  What do you think?}

Branscoms October 2012 023

Between us we have 6 kids.  Aren’t they cute?

Branscoms October 2012 019

After we ate our dinner, the power went out for a few hours. So, my hubby brought in our propane lamp.  lol  We didn’t let it spoil our fun.

Branscoms October 2012 026

We had planned to have popcorn with my friend’s hand crank popper and when the power went out to our 5th wheel in the driveway and used our gas stove.  She also uses Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil.  I just LOVED this healthy popcorn!  It was fun to use AND really inexpensive to buy a bag of popcorn.  So much better for you than microwave!

Branscoms October 2012 028

Look at this cute popcorn set she has!  Isn’t it adorable?

Branscoms October 2012 029

The four adults and my two older boys played cards while the four younger kids played with some glow sticks we had.  Our game of choice that night was Rummy.

Branscoms October 2012 034

Just as we were finishing our night the power came back on. 

Do you do family game nights?  How do you make your popcorn?  What do you think about my hair? LOL

Thanks for reading!


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Our First Week of School

As you may know, our family is taking this year to tour the US in our 5th wheel.  The second most asked question we get is…’What about school?’  We are blessed to be in a school district that has an online school and they are willing to work with our unique family situation!  So we get to Live the Adventure and our kids still get teachers and coursework all via the web.  I don’t have to come up with curriculum and the boys can keep up for when they come back next year.  How cool is that? 

Since it is a new experience for us and the school, it took a little longer to get them set up officially for school.  So….we started our own little 2 hour school day to get us through the first 3 days.

Here is what it looked like:

9am: PE …bike riding


Playing catch and playground



10am: Reading



10:30am: Driver’s Ed. for our oldest


Math Review for the other two



11am: done for the day.

Not very much, but it eased us into a school routine. They now have access to their online classes and are working on assignments.  Time will tell how many hours a day they need.  To start they worked 3 hours a day for 4 days and they are farther than they would be back at school!  They are loving it so far.

What do you do for school?  How did the first week go?

Have a great day,



Our Weekend in Arizona

We visited family in Mesa, AZ last week.  It is HOT there!  Up to 110 degrees! 

We drove from New Mexico and being from Oregon, the land really is different here.  You can read more about our family travels on our WeeRV blog.

[Warning:  LOTS of pictures in this post!]



The boys keep entertained on their electronics. They are really good travelers.


We swam a LOT at Uncle Pete and Aunt Elissa’s house but only at night because it was so hot during the day. They are all so competitive!  Clark and the boys tried to throw around some ‘Leighton power’ like they usually do…BUT then realized Pete and Haley are Leighton’s too.  LOL


Isn’t Caden cute?!  They all slept so good at night after hours of swimming.


The sunsets are so gorgeous here.


The boys raced with Uncle Pete and cousin Haley on the Wii.


Here is Haley with her dog, Tia.  So cute!  Haley was 8 the last time we saw her.  She has grown so much and is now 10.


The boys and Clark visited Uncle Pete’s RV biz everyday.  They loved it there!




Clark was able to repair our air conditioning in the truck.


I love this picture of Clark and his brother, Pete. Clark is younger by 3 years and taller….Pete tried standing on his toes.  lol  Makes me wonder about my 3 boys and if the younger will be taller than the older?


This giant bear is in the office right when you walk in!  Pete won it for Haley and he seems to have moved in.


The bear is Oregon Beaver colors and Connor refused to get in the picture!  lol  He is a total Oregon Duck fan…as you can see from his shirt.


Uncle Pete’s office.  Where the magic happens…  Aunt Elissa’s office is next door.  They work as a team.


Haley does competitions with her horse.  She is really good and loves it!  Here is a picture of her after she won.  Isn’t that picture amazing?


Here is a picture of the kids all together…after swimming of course!


…..and here they tried to get the dogs in the picture.  lol It didn’t work out too well.


Here is Elissa and Me.


Saying goodbye to Aunt Elissa….we will be back in the winter!


I was able to get a pedicure and go shopping with Elissa and Haley.  Haley needed school clothes and I was shopping for my upcoming Las Vegas trip for the Annual Shaklee Global Conference.

pink pedicure

The girls’ clothing section was full of 80’s fashion!  Such a flashback to high school!

shopping with Haley

But the boys favorite thing about our visit was being able to ride in the razer and drive the golf cart!



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