My weekend in Dallas, Texas

I had the opportunity to bring my whole family with me to another business training this month.  So cool to involve the family with my work.  This particular ‘business’ conference however is not your typical one.  Our business team coach, Dani Johnson has a weekend seminar called First Steps to Success that just blows my mind!  So much more that business techniques.  She teaches money management, personality styles and communication techniques that are helping to restore and improve relationships, families and businesses.

Here are a few pictures of our weekend….


Here is our family….I love the shirts they had for the kids!  Here is the verse on the back of the t-shirt.


Here I am with hubby, Clark.


This is just some of our Shaklee Team at the conference.  Amazing group of people!  I feel so blessed to work with such a great marketing team.

FSTS July 2012

Erin was able to share her story on stage!  Incredible story!  She inspires me.

Erin Branscom from Kansas – Prior to plugging into Dani I was working about 60 hours a week in law enforcement night shift, I was getting 4 hours of sleep a day FOR 6 YEARS, my health was a MESS, and our FAMILY LIFE WAS AWFUL, after 13 months of plugging into WE WERE ABLE TO PAY OFF $39,000 of debt, I was able to quit that job and NOW I STAY HOME with those babies. All of our kids have been through Grooming the Next Generation and Gems Homestudy Program. It has been a huge change for our family!

erin-war on debt

We got to hear Jeff Usner from Secret Millionaire speak and share his story. He is an incredibly humble man!

My name is Jeff Usner and prior to getting attending First Steps to Success and really implementing everything I have learned at First Steps to Success and at Creating A Dynasty, This was my life – 4 years ago, I was OVER $285,000 in debt, I was working long, STRESSFUL, ENDLESS HOURS, I had invested everything I had into another company, I was not seeing my wife, I didn’t have time for my kids, I actually LOST MY SON, James, and HAD A STROKE and ALMOST DIED. 4 years ago I came home from work, and FELL TO MY KNEES because I looked at the dinner table and DID NOT KNOW HOW I WAS GOING TO PUT FOOD ONTO THE TABLE. Since implementing everything that I have learned here, MY LIFE HAS JUST RADICALLY CHANGED. WE BECAME DEBT FREE in 8 MONTHS and actually created A MILLION DOLLAR INCOME within 18 MONTHS! Our marriage is richer, my relationship with our God is amazing. It is amazing how God has transformed my life, and OUR KIDS now are HONORING. Our life is totally transformed. I can’t even believe we are on a show called Secret Millionaire. It really blows me away. It WASN’T THAT LONG AGO that I was sitting in total fear and petrified about my future… not knowing a way out.

jeff usner

With stories like that you can see why I use everything Dani Johnson teaches!   You can get plugged in too at  Check out all of her FREE videos and mp3’s. 

We have personally used Dani’s War on Debt system and have paid off over 15K in debt!!  We are debt free except for our mortgage and it is so freeing to not have that debt.  If you are serious about paying off your debt then you NEED this system. 

war on debt

Go HERE to read more about it.

Our family learned so much that weekend! 

What about you?  What is your story? 


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Healthy Living Steps for Moms on the GO

Are you a busy mom on the GO?  Do you desire a more healthy lifestyle for you and your family?  Do you struggle with action and committing?  Or are you confused about where to start?  You are NOT alone!  Most people want to get healthy, feel better, have more energy and look younger yet they feel they are too busy to make it happen.  Then discouragement sets in.  I know because I struggle with this all too! 

Prior to making some important changes in my life and family, I was a burned out mom.  I was feeling sick, depressed, tired all the time and had very little energy.  My role in life was changing from mommy to mom, my husband had a stressful job, we had gotten ourselves into some debt and my passion for life had seemed to just be gone.  It was time for some serious CHANGE, but even the thought of that overwhelmed me. I thought I needed a major overhaul (and I did!) but I thought I had to do it ALL at once.  That thought crippled me until I decided to change that thought.  Who says I have to do it all?  I think it was just me telling myself that.  Is this you too?  It is freeing to get rid of that crippling thought and I must remind myself of this often.

If you are FED UP with this reality, then I invite you to get serious and find some new habits that will serve you and your family better.  Take it ONE STEP at a time. 

Healthy living shouldn’t feel hard… should feel GOOD!


Here are my 8 Simple Steps to get started TODAY!

1.  Drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning.

2.  Grab a few fresh fruits on your way out every day.

3.  Avoid eating out for lunch.

4.  Exercise daily.

5.  Drink herbal teas.

6.  Eat a handful of nuts around 3pm.

7.  Breath Deeply and Pray.

8.  Get enough sleep.

Commit to action and start feeling GOOD!

Which one will you start with?

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Family Trip Highlights

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Do you spend it getting projects done or playing?  We did a little of both.  We are currently in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoying the high desert weather.  Sooooo much cooler than Texas right now.

On Sunday we visited a great church here with some rockin’ worship and after we went to Old Town Albuquerque to explore.

Here I am with my handsome hubby.  I love how this pic turned out! 


The Rattlesnake Museum was pretty cool.  The boy really loved this!  Look how tall Connor is next to me?!  He has been having some serious growing pains this past week.  And, of course, my little ham….Caden.  He rarely smiles for the camera.  He would rather make funny faces.


We found a Magic Shop and the owner was really fun!  We bought a few tricks and the boys have all been practicing. (family & friends… be ready for a skype magic show soon)


I thought this entrance to a shopping area was pretty.  The grape vine is real!


Next week we head to Arizona.

So how was your weekend?  What did you do?


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See you over there!



Texas Shopping

Hi!  Thanks so much for reading! 

I went to Dallas, TX for a business conference and I really wanted to get a pair of cowgirl boots while I was there.  Since it was my first time in Texas (besides the airport for connecting flights) I asked around for where to go.  In fact, I got my best answers from you all right on our FACEBOOK page!  You were awesome and fast when I posted my plea for help.  Thank you!!  Sooooo, I found the perfect ones for me at Cavenders.


We do not have a Cavender’s where I am from and I am pretty much a ‘city girl’ so this was really fun!  I loved the store!  Lots of boots, hats and bling.  After trying on LOTS and getting help from the facebook peeps, I finally decided on these.  It was a tough decision.  I found several right away that caught my eye….until I read the price tag.  Apparently, I have really expensive taste, because those were $600 and up!  I kept looking and found the price section that worked for me. 


Look at my adorable 9 year old, Caden.  He fell in love with this hat and bought it with his own money.  I think he looks pretty good in it.


So what do you think?  Do you like my new boots?  Now, tell a city girl what you wears these with?  I know jeans, but I like variety….any suggestions?

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4 Nights of Boondocking!

So as you know, we left Oregon for a year of US travel in our 5th wheel.  You can read our story HERE if you missed it.  By now you either think we are crazy or adventurous.  lol  Some days I think we are both!  Our first stop was Lynnwood, WA to visit family for the weekend before heading to Dallas, TX for a business conference.

Here is a picture of the boys with their cousins.


They were inseparable the whole weekend. 

From WA we went to Silverwood, Idaho for a day of FUN at the waterpark.


Then we had 4 days to get to Dallas! 

Lots of driving and pulling over to boondock and sleep before getting up and doing it all over the next day.

For those that do not know, boondocking is parking your rv anywhere for the night.  Not in a campground.  Most rigs are set up with enough water and battery power to be fully used for at least a couple of days.  Walmarts are well known for this because they graciously allow you to park in their parking lots all night for free.

Here is our first night boondocking.  We also have a generator to run the AC. 


The boys are totally ‘wired’ in the back for entertainment.


Taking a much needed nap.  Clark drove 2000 miles!


We did finally make it to Dallas and checked into an RV resort for the week.  So nice to stay in one spot for awhile!  The kids have really been enjoying the pool!



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We would love to see you over there!

What about you?  Have you ever boondocked before?  Do you take vacations and/or travel in an rv or trailer?

Have a great day!


Sneak Peak

We have been in the process of downsizing and getting out on the road!  You can read our DREAM story to catch up.  We did make it out July 6th and are in Washington visiting family for the weekend.  I have soooo much to tell you, but time is short today.  I wanted to write a quick little update for you all though!

I have been taking a TON of pictures and a few videos, too.  Cannot wait to share it all with you.

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Here area a few ‘sneak peak’ pictures.  Enjoy!!

I am going to miss seeing my beautiful flowers in my yard.


The boys were a HUGE help.  Here is Caden shredding paper for us.


Connor helped with yard work.


Carter and Caden sorted legos.  We only had room to bring 1/3 of them.  The rest went in storage.


We are off to Idaho now. 

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Have a great day!


Our Family Dream

Our family has a dream.  We actually did not know we had this dream until last year!  In fact, we had lost the ability to dream.

You can read HERE my story before the big dream.

About a year and a half ago, my hubby and I were quite burned out.  My husbands ministry job involved working with youth.  While it was a JOY to serve in this way, we found ourselves drained over the constant brokenness of families and children.  Soooo many hurts to counsel and pray for.  During those years we also had a few hardships in our family, too.  I was ill after each child I gave birth to; the third one being cancer.  We went through many trials (and blessings) with a foster son.  My husband completed his Masters degree while working full time and being a husband and father. Like so many others, our church had to downsize in staffing which resulted in even more responsibility for my husband.   All that mixed together led us to burnout, only it took a little while to recognize that we were not really engaged with life. 

So, we found ourselves praying, as we have each year in ministry, for God’s calling in ministry for the next year.  It was the FIRST time in 16 years that my husband heard that our time was up.  That brought on a bit of fear, nervousness and….excitement.  Because at the same time, we had discovered a spark of dreaming again to the possibilities of how God could use us.  You know what that was??  RVing.  Yep.  Like in a 5th wheel. 


This is a picture of our truck and trailer from last summer.  We went camping two or three times a year.  We will need a much bigger rig to full-time in so we sold this combo. 

Here is a picture of our new 5th Wheel.  It’s a 35 ft Jayco with 3 slides and it is perfect for us!



We discovered we both had a passion to minimize our stuff, our life, our distractions and explore together as a family the US.  Our boys are growing up.  Like too fast!  My oldest is 15 and every time I realize how short our time is with him until he leaves for college, my heart stops.  It is our hearts desire to create a whole year with our kids, learning American History, serving, loving and learning about people, and most of all enjoying our family.  This will be a time for us to ‘fill our empty tanks’ and soak in each other, our Lord, family and friends around the country and hear where God directs us next.  

Our projected leave date is July 5, 2012 and our hope is to travel for one year.

{We are currently on the road!  You can stay in touch through our facebook page, WEERV}

Right now, we are called to be husband and wife, mom and dad.  We are so grateful for this opportunity to live a Dream most people only ..well…dream about.

What about you?  Are you living your dream?  Do you have any dreams that you have put aside?  Or maybe, like us, you don’t even know if you have any dreams anymore?  Let me know in the comments below.


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Happy Birthday to my hubby, Clark

This weekend we celebrated my husbands’ birthday.


We have the same table decoration and button for every birthday.  Except my button is pink.  The boys don’t think the button is as fun now that they are older, but I think traditions are good so I put it out anyway.  Clark is a good sport and puts it on for the picture!


He actually had to work on his birthday so I got up to make him breakfast.  This was a BIG shock to him (and appreciated)  because I am NOT a morning person and he gets up at 5 am. So I made him eggs, bacon and waffles.  Kissed him ‘happy birthday’ and goodbye and went back to bed.  LOL.

Because it is the end of his work week, he just wanted to stay home and have a special dinner and movie night with the family.  I made a carrot cake (his favorite) that afternoon.  The boys and I went out to get him cards and came home to this.


I guess the dog loves carrot cake too….  I forgot to cover it up before we left and it was just too tempting for her.

Thankfully I also made big cupcakes and she did not get those.  Whew!


Time to light the candles.  My son, Carter, loves this job.


Happy Birthday, Clark!  Hope your wish comes true.


What are your family birthday traditions?