TRANSFORM: I’m in! Now what?

Woohooo!!!  I am so excited for the HUGH response to Project Transform and to have all you peeps getting healthier along with me.  Some of you are starting to exercise, some of you are tackling your debt, some of you are making healthy eating changes and some are detoxifying your home.This is going to be so much fun to have a team of supporters, encouragers and doers.  You are all awesome!

I wanted to share MY Why, What & How with you for accountability and encourage you to do the same thing.


I want to be have a healthier body so that I have energy and endurance and to improve my overall quality of health. Plus, I would like to be faster than my kids! LOL


My goal is to lose 2 pant sizes and run a 5K


1.  Change my eating by eliminating white sugar and flour and keep eating more fruits and veggies.

2.  Drink Leucine Protein shakes (2 meals) to ensure NO muscle loss

3.  Use the Couch 2 5K program

That’s my plan!  The C25K program is awesome because it tells you what to do each day.  I got the app for my iPhone.

Take the Challenge Transform

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because I will be posting A LOT about project TRANSFORM to keep us all going!

This is going to be so great! 

Be sure to take pictures relating to your goals and post them often so we can cheer on your success.

What is your Why, What & How? 

Tell me in the comments below!

Happy Health!


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Monday Motivation #2

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I started the Couch 2 5k last week for my TRANSFORM goal so I thought I would give us all a little fitness inspiration today.  Enjoy!





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Project: TRANSFORM {take the challenge today!}

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Friday Fitness Guest Post: Healthy vs. Skinny

{guest post by Rachelle from Livin’ The Fit Life’}

My stomach started feeling a little funny yesterday and I thought I may have been

coming down with the flu. I took it easy, went to bed early, and this morning,

I didn’t feel 100%, but felt more like I might have a little cold. 

I figured, I better get my workout in just in case I do get sick and am not able to

work out for a couple of days. To tell you the truth, I was so pumped to go to the gym. 

I hadn’t done Bodypump in a week and I was so excited to get back to it. 

Don’t you love to get excited about working out!  What a rush!

Before class a woman asked me about my “12 in 2012” shirt and we chatted about running and what not. 

She told me that a couple of her family members were stick thin but not in a healthy way and

she was always the biggest one (not big at all, really cute figure).  We talked about being

proud of our healthy bodies vs. the pull to be skinny. 

Sometimes it’s hard to walk the line. 

It is always so inspiring for me to go to the gym and see so many healthy women of all shapes and sizes. 

I love to read all of the blogs that are about being strong and healthy instead of skinny. 

I am proud of my body and I wouldn’t want to trade with anyone.  I work hard with what God gave me!

Thank you to all of you out there that work hard to be good examples of health. 

Look at yourself and tell yourself, “I am woman hear me roar”!  Be proud of your strength and your drive.

Leave a comment on what makes you feel strong then let out a roar!

Have a great weekend and Happy Running!



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