Family Fun Night

We have been visiting friends in Wichita, KS.  We pulled up in our 5th wheel and are currently parked in their driveway.  Here’s a picture of us backing in our HUGE rig!  They measured their driveway before we came to make sure we would fit.  lol

Branscoms October 2012 001

Friday night our families had a pizza and game night.  All 10 of us!  Such an inexpensive and FUN way to get together with friends.

This is my hubby and I eating our pizza and breadsticks.  {totally off subject, but my hair has gotten so long! I think I am going to put some long layers in it.  What do you think?}

Branscoms October 2012 023

Between us we have 6 kids.  Aren’t they cute?

Branscoms October 2012 019

After we ate our dinner, the power went out for a few hours. So, my hubby brought in our propane lamp.  lol  We didn’t let it spoil our fun.

Branscoms October 2012 026

We had planned to have popcorn with my friend’s hand crank popper and when the power went out to our 5th wheel in the driveway and used our gas stove.  She also uses Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil.  I just LOVED this healthy popcorn!  It was fun to use AND really inexpensive to buy a bag of popcorn.  So much better for you than microwave!

Branscoms October 2012 028

Look at this cute popcorn set she has!  Isn’t it adorable?

Branscoms October 2012 029

The four adults and my two older boys played cards while the four younger kids played with some glow sticks we had.  Our game of choice that night was Rummy.

Branscoms October 2012 034

Just as we were finishing our night the power came back on. 

Do you do family game nights?  How do you make your popcorn?  What do you think about my hair? LOL

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Window Shopping Fun!

Happy Monday!  Do you ever go window shopping for fun?  I love to go and check out the new styles and sometime WILD styles. Here are some pictures from my latest window shopping trip to Nordstrom.  Enjoy!




Fall is here in the department stores!


Little known fact: I worked at Nordstrom from the time I was 15 – 24.  I started in the teen dept. putting away clothes (boring!) and moved up to sales in jewelry during college.  I worked mostly seasonally and when I was home from college.  It was a great job for making some quick money for a few weeks. Then I worked a few sales in lingerie when we moved to Oregon until I had my first baby. Working there definitely taught me about great customer service!  I get annoyed when I don’t get it at other stores.



Jewelry. Jewelry. Jewelry.


I LOVE circles!



The fall scarves and hats were out.


Then I moved on to the shoes!  I love these, but I have trouble in heels.  lol


I have Toms in black and I love them!  They are actually comfortable.  But for my next pair I want something more fun.  I am thinking the pink! 


More sparkles…but I think I will stick with the flats.


And of course, I hit the coffee bar. 


Window shopping is more fun while sipping my vanilla latte’.  Do you drink yours with a straw too?


Do you ever window shop too?  What about shoes?  Flats or heels?  Sparkles or none?  Leave a comment below to let us know what you like.

Have a great day!