Healthy Mama. Happy Life.

I have taken some healthy steps in my life for my family, home and body and through each swap or change I had a good friend or group to encourage and support me along the way.  We moms need to take care of ourselves! 


I created a private group for all you mamas (and ‘to be’ mamas) called

Healthy Mama. Happy Life.


I know you want to be healthier, eat better and have more energy. {me too!}

I am SO excited for you to begin your journey to better health and feel honored to help you along the way.


I want you to join us today so we can cheer each other on!  Then invite a friend so we can cheer her on too.

Join the facebook group and become the healthiest mama you know.

healthy mama happy life


This is a closed group. That means no one but the members of this page can see your posts 🙂

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Here’s to Healthy Mamas!


Healthy Living Steps for Moms on the GO

…….this is a popular post from last year….Happy New Year!…….

Are you a busy mom on the GO?  Do you desire a more healthy lifestyle for you and your family?  Do you struggle with action and committing?  Or are you confused about where to start?  You are NOT alone!  Most people want to get healthy, feel better, have more energy and look younger yet they feel they are too busy to make it happen.  Then discouragement sets in.  I know because I struggle with this all too! 

Prior to making some important changes in my life and family, I was a burned out mom.  I was feeling sick, depressed, tired all the time and had very little energy.  My role in life was changing from mommy to mom, my husband had a stressful job, we had gotten ourselves into some debt and my passion for life had seemed to just be gone.  It was time for some serious CHANGE, but even the thought of that overwhelmed me. I thought I needed a major overhaul (and I did!) but I thought I had to do it ALL at once.  That thought crippled me until I decided to change that thought.  Who says I have to do it all?  I think it was just me telling myself that.  Is this you too?  It is freeing to get rid of that crippling thought and I must remind myself of this often.

If you are FED UP with this reality, then I invite you to get serious and find some new habits that will serve you and your family better.  Take it ONE STEP at a time. 

Healthy living shouldn’t feel hard… should feel GOOD!


Here are my 8 Simple Steps to get started TODAY!

1.  Drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning.

2.  Grab a few fresh fruits on your way out every day.

3.  Avoid eating out for lunch.

4.  Exercise daily.

5.  Drink herbal teas.

6.  Eat a handful of nuts around 3pm.

7.  Breath Deeply and Pray.

8.  Get enough sleep.

Commit to action and start feeling GOOD!

Which one will you start with?

A commitment is always more successful when you surround yourself with like-minded and encouraging people.  I invite you to plug in here for community support.  Start by subscribing by email to get access to our newsletter.


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