11 Random Things About Me

Hello.  I am loving getting to know you more on our Facebook page!   

It has inspired me to share a bit more about me.

This will be FUN! So let’s get started.

Here are 11 Random Things About Me

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1.  I love studying personality styles.  In fact, my hubby and I took a seminar with our boys about it and it has really helped us all get along better.

2.  My favorite treat (at the moment haha) is Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt Bar.  Yum!

3.  I have moved 7 times and lived in 3 states.

4.  I gave up soda over a year ago and after I got over the withdrawal, I feel so much better!  Try it!

5.  Hubby and I just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary.

6.  I prefer dogs to cats.  Don’t hate me.

7.  I feel like I can literally breath better and think better when my house is decluttered and clean.

8.  I am a cancer survivor of almost 9 years. yay!

9.  Our family of 5 is on a year long US tour in our 5th wheel.  Halfway through our year and we have visited 22 states!

10.  I hate mornings!  I love to sleep.  lol

11.  Luxury of choice is a massage.  Last year I went to Mexico with a friend to celebrate our birthdays and we got 3 in a week.  It was heaven!

Here are a few questions I have been asked:

1.  When it comes to blogging, what types of things do you enjoy: photography, writing, crafting, sharing, networking, etc.?

My favorite is networking on the social media.  I’m addicted!  lol

2.  What types of blogs do you like to follow and why?  You can list them if you want.

I like blogs that relate to family, living healthy, simple organizing and a few that make me laugh!

3.  Do you think it’s difficult to find the time to blog?  Do you schedule certain times to work on your blog?

It is difficult to find all the time I WANT to blog.  I have found that blocking out a few hours throughout the week and putting it on my calendar totally helps.

4.  What is your favorite hobby?

uhmm…blogging!  lol It’s just an awesome bonus that I make money with it too.

5.  What is your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas!  Family and Faith

6.  What place would you like to visit the most?

Well, since we are touring the US right now, I will go bigger.  Israel is definitely on my bucket list.

7.  What’s the first thing you would grab if your house was on fire (besides pets and family members)?

Probably my computer!  Before you judge…lol…it has my pictures on it.

8.  Do you have a job in addition to blogging?  …or are you a stay at home mom?

I own my own company marketing health + wellness products for Shaklee, a natural nutrition company. I work at home.

9.  What is your favorite dessert?

Anything chocolate!

10.  What are some things your dream home would have?

A big jacuzzi tub.

11.  Can you recommend any good books?  Why do you like it/them?

Currently I am reading Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst.  It is awesome!