My San Diego Girls’ Weekend

When my sister-in-law, Rachelle  asked if I was free to go to her cousins’ wedding in San Diego, I nearly screamed YES at the computer.   A girls’ weekend away?  Hello?  You don’t have to ask me twice.  We were both long overdue for a ‘mommy break’ and ready for some girl time.

This is our hotel.


It was located right by the naval base and had a beautiful walking path along the water.


Rachelle is a dedicated and encouraging fitness enthusiast.  It was good to have her drag me with her outside and exercise.  You can see a picture of us on a hike at Sunset Cliff HERE.

The weather was 60 – 65 and cloudy while we were there, but this day it was mostly sunny.  We were outside enjoying it!  So much better than the weather back home!

Love the palm trees.


Great Mexican restaurant.  Had lunch there one day.


This gentleman serenaded us.  He was a charmer!


Both Rachelle and I enjoy the local artist community and small businesses.  You can find such talented, interesting and creative people.  We met and talked with one artist for several minutes and learned some history behind his work.


We also spent 2 days shopping!  Mostly ‘window’ shopping, but it was fun to wander, try on clothes and eat out.

This is the day of the wedding.  We got all dressed up, put on our heels, drank some wine and danced.  So much fun!



So what about you?  Do you allow yourself a mommy break?  Or does guilt stop you?  I struggle with this issue a lot.  It’s like I have two is telling me that I shouldn’t need to do that.  The other says, heck yaTake a break and you will be a better mom and wife.  I just love to be with my family, but they sure don’t love to be with me when I am grumpy.

As moms, it seems we tend to take care of ourselves last.  The problem with this practice, however, is that you can deplete yourself without a way to fill up.  Do you ever feel as if you are running on empty?

Now, if I could, my dream mommy breaks would include monthly weekend trips and weekly trips to the spa.  A girl can dream right?  So since this plan hasn’t worked out so well for me (yet), I do have a few other ideas. 

1.  Early morning coffee, by myself.  This is almost daily for me.

2.  Rent and watch a ‘girl’ movie.  So fun!

3.  Meet with a friend for chitchat and encouragement.

4.  Take a nap.

5.  Date night with hubby.

6.  Get a pedicure.  I have a place close by that is only $20.  I go about every other month.  I be sure to get a BIG coffee, grab several of their magazines, and just sit in the big massage chair.  I usually sit there long after they are done just to enjoy the chair.  So refreshing!

7.  When my kids were little, I used to check them into the grocery play place and then NOT grocery shop.  Instead, I got something to drink, grabbed a bunch of magazines and sat down.  I know, genius right?  lol

These are just a few on my list that work for me.  We moms are all different and therefore our idea of a mommy break may be different.  The point is, the break for US is important.  I know I must sometimes even schedule these in or I won’t do it.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to turn away from my to-do list.  A mom’s job is never done….but it can lighten the load if regular breaks are taken.

So what about you?  What is your idea of a mommy break?

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